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Extreme Terrain Amphibious Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Ontario Drive and Gear – ARGO Robotics Visit Website

Ontario Drive & Gear Limited, located in New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada, has manufactured the Argo line of amphibious extreme terrain vehicles since 1967 and has  developed a fully amphibious line of extreme terrain unmanned ground vehicles.

The ARGO J5, ATLAS J6, and ATLAS J8 carry large payloads in a modular, open platform design.  Available in 4, 6, and 8 wheel variants, the Argo Robotics line provides semi and fully autonomous solutions for agriculture, military, mining, exploration, forestry, and academic applications.

Ontario Drive and Gear – ARGO Robotics Argo Robotics
66 Hincks Street, New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada N3A 2A3
+1 519-662-4229

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