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Dynautics is a pioneering provider of intelligent technology to control uncrewed marine missions worldwide. Our mission is enabling the success of your mission. Thousands of miles have been successfully navigated using our vehicle management technologies.

We design, manufacture and supply robust and reliable marine autopilots, remote control, navigation, power management modules and unmanned surface vehicle communication solutions, to help open up the marine world to new levels of exploration, assessment, security, charting and research. Dynautics is a trusted technology partner in sectors as diverse as offshore energy and mining, oceanography, marine transport and defence and security, supplying marine control systems for surface and sub-surface applications.

Dynautics uncrewed autopilots

Our intelligent marine technology keeps you in control. Your requirements are our starting point and together we rigorously drive for a rapid and reliable solution using logic, precision and scientific integrity to solve the most complex challenges.

Dynautics hardware can be installed or retrofitted in any unmanned or autonomous vessel. We simulate, design, test, verify and deploy, enabling you to accomplish your mission safely and responsibly. Our scientific and engineering capabilities are built on 20 years of experience with vehicle control algorithm development and associated electronics for USVs (uncrewed surface vehicles), UUVs (uncrewed underwater vehicles) and ROVs (remotely operated vehicles).

As co-authors of the Marine Autonomous Surface Ships – UK Code of Practice, Dynautics is actively helping to define the route towards marine vehicle autonomy.

Marine Autopilots and Remote Control Systems

SPECTRE USV Remote Control AutopilotOur SPECTRE marine autopilots and remote control systems have been developed and used for surface craft and sub-surface ROVs and AUVs or UUVs.

Applications include:

  • Surveillance: programming a vessel to follow a pre-defined path within a survey area, while operating payload instruments such as side-scan sonar and visual/infrared cameras
  • Remote controlled mine hunting: controlling a mine hunting vessel at low speeds and in hover manoeuvres, while using payload instruments to scan the area ahead of a warship
  • Target and target towing: the autopilot can be fitted either to the target itself or to a towing vessel, with compass stabilisation technology allowing the system to maintain heading even in significant sea states.

Marine Simulators for AUV and USV

Our marine simulators and simulation software aid USV and AUV/ROV engineers to solve technical challenges that arise when developing a new unmanned system, helping to create efficient hull and propulsion configurations and reducing the time to launch.


2.4GHz modem for USV controlUSV Communications Systems

Dynautics has developed a wide range of communications systems and protocols to meet the various requirements of unmanned surface vehicle control and telemetry.

Marine Power Management Systems

Dynautics offers Power Management Systems, power control modules and communication systems for AUV, UUV and USV, allowing you to remotely limit and control power consumption for your unmanned missions.

Marine Autopilots, Unmanned Surface Vehicle Communications, Power Management Modules & Marine Simulators & Software
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