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How to Convert a Manned Boat for Unmanned Use

By Dynautics Ltd / 04 Jun 2020
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In this video, Dynautics Ltd explain how their Surface SPECTRE – a highly rugged autopilot system – can be used to convert manned vessel into an un-manned craft.

The SPECTRE autopilot provides:

  • Advanced, self-tuning autopilot control modes, including heading, track and hover / dynamic positioning, to minimise operator workload
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Fail safe watchdog
  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Collision avoidance
  • Autonomous with capability for operator intervention
  • Covert mode – zero command link transmissions
  • Proprietary Spectre Secure Serial Communications Protocol (SSSCP), or NMEA type interface
  • Engine monitoring
  • Ignition control (remote start/stop)
  • Control of auxiliary systems (PTZ camera, transponders etc)
  • Multiple serial connection: 5 for MicroSPECTRE, 10 for SPECTRE 2
  • Analogue inputs and outputs
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Control of power for external devices with intelligent power monitoring and overload tripping via Power Management Modules (PMMs)
  • Single or twin engine control, including propellers and waterjets
  • Electric DC brushed and brushless motor control
  • Control of hydraulic or electric servo steering
  • Docking joystick – direct control of the boat via a dedicated radio modem – makes it easier and safer to bring the boat into dock with inch precision
  • Control over Iridium Satellite Communications
  • Compatible with our Datalogger that can log from serial ports, analogue inputs, and digital inputs measuring states or pulses
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