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Bespoke Control Solution for Wind & Wave Propelled USVs

Dynautics outlines control system technology for wave-powered USVs, detailing the benefits of its ‘power generation controller’ and using wave energy for propulsion Feature Article by Dynautics
Bespoke Controllers for Wind & Wave Propelled USVs
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Producers of control systems for surface & subsea vessels, Dynautics discusses how the company combines control parameters to suit vessel and mission requirements, delving into its cutting-edge technology for wind and wave powered craft. Read more >>

Wave-powered unmanned surface vessels (USVs) such as those manufactured by AutoNaut can operate for several weeks, and cover thousands of miles from shore without the need for batteries or fuel for propulsion. The company asserts that utilizing wave energy for propulsion also enables zero carbon emissions.

Dynautics has developed a bespoke ‘power generation controller‘ for AutoNaut’s wave-powered USVs. This system manages battery charging from photovoltaic panels and supplies power to instruments and communication systems. It features remotely monitored and resettable circuit breakers that quickly protect the system in the event of an overload in any circuit. The entire control system uses highly efficient, low-power processor boards to optimize solar energy utilization.

A fleet of AutoNaut USVs is currently assisting the Barbados Meteorological Service (BMS) in predicting the path and strength of approaching hurricanes. Stationed hundreds of miles east of Barbados, these USVs transmit real-time data. It is anticipated that the vessels will enhance the forecasting of tropical storms, improving impact predictions and enabling timely warning systems.

In the article “Controlling wave propelled USVs” Dynautics discusses:

  • Optimizing Limited Energy Supply
  • Efficiency and Resilience
  • Zero Carbon Data Collection

Read the full article, or visit the Dynautics website to find out more.

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