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Propulsion Control for USVs

Published: 17 Oct 2021 by

Sonardyne SEA-KIT USV

Dynautics has released an article by the company’s founder and CEO, Dr Henry Robinson, detailing some of the technical considerations in the design of remote control interfaces for USV (unmanned surface vessel) propulsion systems.

Read the full article on Dynautics’ website

The article covers:

  • The different types of interfaces commonly found in propulsion systems, including PWM, serial, analogue and CANbus-based technologies
  • How status information can be fed back from the propulsion system
  • Achieving smooth response from full astern to full ahead with different types of propulsion system
  • Dynautics’ solutions for driving propulsion and steering on a range of different vessel types

USVs require enhanced control interfaces for the successful remote control of their propulsion systems. To find out more, read the full article on Dynautics’ website.

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