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Integration Enhances Connectivity in Advanced Robotics

The integration of Qualcomm's RB5 platform and Doodle Labs' radios provides impressive compute and processing power and a resilient datalink for peak mobile robotic performance in the field By Joe Macey / 26 Apr 2024
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Qualcomm’s® RB5 Platform has been integrated into Doodle Labs’ range of radios for advanced robotics.

Based on the Qualcomm QRB5165 processor, the RB5 platform delivers high-accuracy artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning inferencing technology to facilitate accelerated development of innovative, power-efficient, high-computing robots and drones for enterprise, industrial and professional service applications.

Doodle Labs’ radios provide high-bandwidth, long-range connectivity for advanced robotics, including drones, UGVs and other mobile technologies in both industrial and defense settings.

When integrated in the same robotic platform, the combined capabilities of the RB5 platform and Doodle Labs radios provide unmatched compute and processing power and a resilient, reliable datalink for peak mobile robotic performance in the field.

Doodle Labs Co-CEO Amol Parikh, said; “We view this integration as a game-changer for the performance potential of advanced robotics.

“The robotics use-cases of both the present and future demand increased compute and AI capabilities, and connectivity is always paramount for robotic applications, so working together with Qualcomm Technologies to develop this integration feels like a natural fit.”

Dev Singh, Vice President of Business Development and Head of building, enterprise & industrial automation at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, added; “Supporting Doodle Labs’ radios with the RB5 Platform brings proven, high-resiliency, high-bandwidth communications solutions to their offering.

“This integration will make the development of autonomous drones and robots easier, providing innovators in the field with enhanced connectivity options.”

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