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Dynautics Supports USV Remote Operation Centre

By Sarah Simpson / 16 Jul 2021
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Dynautics, a pioneering provider of intelligent technology to control uncrewed marine missions, has provided 24/7 project support to SEA-KIT’s Remote Operation Centre in Essex, UK.

SEA-KIT International is a leading designer and builder of Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USV) with a range of applications across the offshore, survey, research, defence and security sectors.

‘Maxlimer’ on return from Atlantic mission. Image credit: Rich Edwards, ENP Media

In August 2020, SEA-KIT’s USV ‘Maxlimer’ took part in a collaborative Atlantic survey project, co-funded by the UK Space Agency. The project was designed to demonstrate true, over-the-horizon survey capability, testing cutting-edge, innovative technologies to survey unexplored or to-date inadequately surveyed ocean frontiers.

The USV spent 22 days offshore, completing survey operations off the European continental shelf. During the mission SEA-KIT’s ‘Maxlimer’ travelled over 1200 nautical miles and mapped over 400 square miles of previously uncharted ocean floor.

Dynautics continues to work with SEA-KIT International and is delighted to be involved with a company that is leading the charge towards more sustainable ways of working at sea. The Atlantic project gave participants and the wider industry great insight into the future potential of hi-tech, uncrewed maritime operations.

Speaking of the project Peter Walker, Director of Technology at SEA-KIT said, “Dynautics proved to be a very capable and trustworthy, assisting us in the development of our product, bringing a wealth of experience and showing real commitment to meet deadlines during the pandemic.”

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