Powerful Underwater Robotics for Commercial, Industrial & Military Applications

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Powerful Underwater Robotics for Commercial, Industrial & Military Applications
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VideoRay is a global leading developer of ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and underwater robotics technologies. Our rugged and powerful products have redefined what inspection-class ROVs are capable of, and are ideal for a wide range of commercial, industrial and military applications.

Our state-of-the-art underwater robotic systems are portable, intuitive, and able to excel in even the toughest of environments. Successful use cases include mine countermeasures, oil and gas, inspection, search and rescue, nuclear decommission, scientific research and more.

The Mission Specialist Defender has been selected by the US Navy as the base platform for the MK20 Defender ROV program, and is used to locate and neutralize underwater mines and explosives in maritime war zones around the world.

Mission Specialist Defender

Heavy-payload ROV for complex missions

defender inspection ROVThe Mission Specialist Defender is designed to undertake missions requiring precise control of position and orientation as well as heavier payload capacity. With seven thrusters, the versatile ROV can move in any direction and maintain active pitch for upward or downward orientation.

underwater robotic platformThe underwater robotic platform can be equipped with a range of sensors and payloads to suit specific mission requirements, as well as either copper or fiber optic tethers. Control and navigation software can be upgraded with mission-critical packages from Greensea Systems or Seebyte for enhanced performance in dangerous or heavy-duty applications.

U.S. Navy Chooses VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender as Standard for High-Performance Man-Portable Underwater Robot

defender rovVideoRay received a $16.1 million order for Mission Specialist Defender ROVs and related components for the U.S. Navy’s Maritime Expeditionary Standoff Response (MESR) program.  Read more >

Mission Specialist Ally

Compact ROV designed for optimal power and lift

The Mission Specialist Ally is designed to provide optimal power and lift in a compact and maneuverable package, featuring two horizontal and two vertical thrusters as well as a choice of two floats to suit different mission requirements. The vehicle is equipped with a spring-loaded vertical manipulator and VideoRay’s state-of-the-art AI-powered Ultra 4k Smart Camera.

Mission Specialist Ally Compact ROV

Mission Specialist Ally Modular ROV

The modular ROV has been designed with an upgrade path towards the Mission Specialist Defender, as well as other upcoming configurations.

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Mission Specialist Pro 5

Versatile ROV optimized for speed and efficiency

Versatile ROV

The Mission Specialist Pro 5 is a small-footprint ROV designed for speed and efficiency. Featuring three thrusters and a forward speed of over 4.4 knots, the Pro 5 is ideal for missions with critical size, weight and time constraints, such as inspections in tight spaces, search and recovery, and ocean floor compact rov

The Pro 5 ROV can be provided with a variety of sensor and payload options, including BluePrint sonars (750D or 1200D), single- or dual-axis manipulators,  and Micron or SeaTrac USBLs.

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Custom Mission Specialist Series

Customized ROVs with interchangeable modular components

VideoRay’s Mission Specialist ROVs are highly modular and customizable, and we can work with you to tailor a solution that meets your exact requirements for sensors, tools, depth rating, thrust and more.custom rov solution

This high degree of modularity also ensures that Mission Specialist ROVs are easy to maintain and upgrade, quick to repair, and provide seamless integration across configurations.

Module options include:

  • Cameras with a range of resolution options
  • LED lighting
  • Powerful and efficient thrusters
  • Power systems from 75 to 1600V
  • Communications modules using either fiber or copper
  • Manipulators
  • Navigation and positioning
  • Sensors for radiation, water quality, and metal thickness
  • Imaging and multibeam sonars

Customize an ROV package

Check out our Mission Specialist Custom Configurator tool that allows you to customize an ROV package for your unique needs

Learn more: Custom ROV solutions

ROV Accessories

Sensors, navigation & positioning, tooling and more

We provide a wide range of accessories, add-ons and peripherals for our Mission Specialist ROVs. These include:

  • Tooling – single-axis, dual-axis and rotating manipulator arms
  • Sonar – models from Tritech, Teledyne, and Blueprint Subsea
  • Navigation – autonomy packages, splashproof controllers and operator consoles
  • Tethers – copper and fiber tethers and reeling systems
  • Sensors – water quality, flooded member detection, CP probes and ultrasonic thickness gauges
  • Positioning Systems – transponder beacons and acoustic modems
  • Power Options – batteries and portable power supplies
  • Software – navigation, control and autonomy software from Greensea
  • Cameras – underwater IP-based HD cameras
  • Lasers – aiming lasers and measurement devices

ROV accessoriesvideoray ROV reel

Learn more: ROV Accessories

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