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ROV User Experience Partnership Renewed

VideoRay’s commercial & defense collaboration with Greensea IQ has been renewed, including the development of Professional Workspace software for the Mission Specialist Ally ROV By Abi Wylie / 25 Apr 2024
ROV User Experience Partnership Renewed
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VideoRay and Greensea IQ have renewed their multi-million dollar five-year partnership, underscoring both companies’ dedication to improving the dependability and performance of their products.

Under this strategic collaboration, which also aims to foster innovation within the inspection class ROV sector, Greensea IQ and VideoRay will leverage their combined expertise and apply dedicated resources to develop industry-leading systems that aim to deliver impressive value and reliability to customers worldwide. 

The companies have already begun work on the development of Professional Workspace software for VideoRay’s Ally, the newest member of their Mission Specialist family.

This strategic alliance is more than a collaboration; it represents a shared vision for the future. By combining Greensea IQ’s leading technology platform with VideoRay’s leading Mission Specialist series ROVs, the partnership is set to introduce breakthrough solutions that address the current and future needs of subsea defense and commercial customers.

Customers of VideoRay and Greensea IQ can expect advanced products, enhanced services, and innovative solutions designed to meet the evolving demands of the subsea industry. The partnership reaffirms both companies’ commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and leading the way in technological innovation.

Both companies are attending XPONENTIAL 2024 in San Diego, April 23rd-25th, with Greensea IQ at Booth #4740 and VideoRay at Booth #4543.

Chris Gibson, CEO of VideoRay, added; “With our long-standing partnership, this new deal ensures our capability to address the long-term software demands of our defense customers while harnessing emerging technological advancements to bolster our Mission Specialist capabilities. Ultimately, all our customers stand to gain from this arrangement.”

Ben Kinnaman, CEO of Greensea IQ, said; “The Master Agreement between Greensea IQ and VideoRay illustrates the significant commitment both companies are making to our US Navy and defense customers. This Agreement ensures our customers will have constant and stable access to the most advanced remote undersea robotics platform available. 

“This Agreement removes the blockages of day-to-day operations and allows us to focus on technology advancement and customer satisfaction while maintaining our collaborative position as a world leader in ROV solutions.”

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