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Mission Specialist Defender Heavy-payload ROV for complex missions
Mission Specialist Defender

Heavy-payload ROV for complex missions

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Mission Specialist Defender

The Mission Specialist Defender is designed for challenging missions requiring precise control of position and orientation as well as heavier payload capacity. With seven powerful thrusters that can handle currents of up to four knots, the versatile ROV can move in any direction and maintain active pitch for upward or downward orientation.

The underwater robotic platform can be equipped with a range of sensors and payloads to suit specific mission requirements, as well as either copper or fiber optic tethers. Control and navigation software can be upgraded with mission-critical packages from Greensea Systems or Seebyte for enhanced performance in dangerous or heavy-duty applications.

defender rov
Dimensions 71.12 x 39.37 x 23.80 cm
(28.00 x 15.50 x 9.37 in)
Submersible Weight in Air 17.2 kg (38 lb) without ballast
Total System Weight 32.5kg (71.6lbs)
Depth Rating Up to 1,000m (3,280ft)
Max Speed 4.1 knots
Bollard Pull 23.5kg (52lbs)
Lift 11.3kg (25lbs)