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Portable Ground Control Stations (GCS) for UAVs, Drones and UGVs

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Desert Rotor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional, portable ground control stations (GCS) for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones and UGVs.

Rugged Ground Control Station (GCS)Our complete GCS solutions are compatible with almost any fixed-wing or multirotor UAV and many drone autopilots.

Our-easy-to-use ground control station platform utilises the HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) layout, an intuitive set-up used in defense and manned aviation that provides a high degree of flight control and versatility.

Dual Screen UAV Ground Control Station


The 12PCX HOTAS HD is a fully integrated professional ground control station built around a Logic Supply embedded Intel-based PC and designed into a rugged Pelican flight case. The dual Ultra HD 1900×1200 LCD displays feature IPS (in-plane switching) technology and are fully sunlight viewable.

With the ability to quickly swap out components such as video receivers, antennas, RF transmitters, digital modems and even the embedded PC, the 12PCX HOTAS HD is a highly modular system that is easily upgraded and future-proofed. The system can interface with almost any unmanned aircraft and many autopilot systems, using either an analogue PPM radio (such as TBS Crossfire, DragonLink or RFD) or a digital radio (e.g. Silvus, Microhard).

The GCS Smart View interface allows users to assign channels and functions to preferred buttons, switches, dials and joysticks via a fully interactive on-screen display overlay. This revolutionary system creates a completely configurable interface for virtually any desired platform, and also allows pilots to quickly and easily switch between multiple models of UAV and operate an entire fleet with just one GCS.

Base System Specifications:

Channels12 Channel Functionality
DisplaysUltra-HD 10.1” 1920×1200 IPS Tech 700 NITs
Battery4S Li-Ion 5.2Ah (parallel ports for 10.4Ah or more)
Flight JoystickAPEM 55 Hall Effect 3-Axis w/ 2 Top Button
Aux Joystick2-Axis Payload & Gimbal Controls w/ Dial
ThrottleDelrin Machined Precision Slider
WirelessIntel 8260 M.2 Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth 4.0, vPro
CasePelican 1510 (22”x13.81”x9” LxWxD, 28 lbs)

Embedded PC Options:

Intel Bay TrailCeleron 1.83Ghz4GB64GBWin 7Intel HD Graphics
Intel Kaby Lake
Dual Core
Core i3 2.4GHz or Core i5 2.6GHz8GB256GBWin 10Intel HD 620
Intel Kaby Lake
Quad Core
Core i7 1.90Ghz16GB512GBWin 10Intel HD 620

The 12PCX HOTAS HD Dual Screen UAV Ground Control Station is available with an optional Rucpac™ Backpack attachment, for a truly portable solution:

Portable Ground Control Station (GCS)

Other Options:

RF Transmitter Modules868/915MHz TBS Crossfire – Air & Ground
RFD900X Radio Modem Set – Air & Ground
12PCX Adapter Dock & FTDI for RFD900X
12PCX HOTAS PPM Signal Cable
Digital Communications900MHz/2.4GHz MIMO Picoradio – Air
900MHz/2.4GHz MIMO Microhard – Ground
Picoradio Cable Kit
Video Receiver5.8GHz Clearview Pro Diversity
5.8GHz Lumenier Diversity
Cellular Data4G/LTE Microhard Bullet Cellular Radio
Antennas5.8GHz Vitennas Video Antenna Set
868/915MHz TBS Diamond for Crossfire
2.4GHz Pepperbox for Microhard
2.4GHz RHCP Antenna for Picoradio

Single Screen UAV Ground Control Station


The 12PCX HOTAS HD-W is a single-screen version of the 12PCX HOTAS HD ground control station, featuring a 19” widescreen display, currently under development.

Single Screen UAV Ground Control Station

Portable Ground Control Stations (GCS) for UAVs, Drones and UGVs
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