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Drone Ground Control Stations (GCS) & Portable GCS for UAV, Drones and UGV

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Drone Ground Control Stations (GCS) & Portable GCS for UAV, Drones and UGV
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Desert Rotor is a leading portable GCS manufacturer suppling professional, drone ground control stations (GCS) for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV).

Rugged Ground Control Station (GCS)

Our complete drone GCS solutions are compatible with almost any fixed-wing or multirotor UAV and many drone autopilots.

Our-easy-to-use ground control station platform utilises the HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) layout, an intuitive set-up used in defense and manned aviation that provides a high degree of flight control and versatility.

UAV Ground Control Stations


MIRA 12X HOTAS Portable UAV Ground Control Station

The MIRA 12X is our latest generation of single-screen UAV ground control station, featuring an all-new full-colour 19″ HD touchscreen and an integrated head-up display. Based around the OnLogic HX500 Embedded PC platform, the powerful GCS includes a choice of Intel i3, i7 and i9 processors.

rugged gcsThe redesigned switch array allows users to fully customise I/O functions to exact requirements. The system also features a full-sized keyboard with more international options, as well as a large multi-gesture trackpad for easy and intuitive interaction.

The radio bay has been optimized for more internal space, and is compatible with a wide range of radio modules, digital IP modems, video receivers and third-party accessories.

Base System Specifications:

Channels 12 Channel Functionality
Display Single LG Display 19″ HD Wide 1440×900 – 1200NITS
Battery 4S Li-Ion 5.2Ah (parallel ports for 10.4Ah or more)
Flight Joystick APEM 55 Hall Effect 3-Axis w/ 2 Top Button
Aux Joystick 2-Axis Payload & Gimbal Controls w/ Dial
Throttle Delrin Machined Precision Slider w/ Detent
Wireless Intel 8260 M.2 Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth 4.0, vPro
Case Pelican 1510 (22”x13.81”x9” LxWxD, 28 lbs)

Embedded PC Options:

Processor RAM HD OS GPU
Intel Comet Lake Core i5 8GB 256GB Win 10 Intel UHD Graphics 630
Intel Comet Lake Core i7 16GB 512GB Win 10 Intel UHD Graphics 630
Intel Comet Lake Core i9 16GB 1TB Win 10 Intel UHD Graphics 630

COMMAND XD GCS for Command Centers and Workstations

GCS command desk

The COMMAND XD is a next-generation ground control station that has been specifically designed to be installed into command centers as well as mobile command vehicles such as vans and trucks. With a high degree of modularity, the versatile GCS allows you to easily switch between control of different UAV configurations as well as UGVs and USVs.

ground control stationEasily integrated into any workstation, the COMMAND XD can be connected to up to 3 monitors, providing all the displays and information you need at a glance. I/O panels are fully customizable and USB hubs and Ethernet switches can be easily added, allowing you to tailor controls and peripherals to your exact requirements.

COMMAND XD is based around an industrial-grade embedded PC with a choice of Intel i5, i7, and i9 CPUs. The RF expansion bay gives users the ability to cycle between up to six different radio systems.

Collapsible Rugged Field Stands

Collapsible Rugged GCS Field Stands

Our lightweight, heavy-duty field stands have been custom-engineered to fit all Desert Rotor HOTAS Ground Control Stations, providing rapid deployment and ease of UAV operation in even the most rugged and remote locations. The hard-wearing design features quick setup, requiring you only to drop the GCS Pelican case into the cutout, with collapsible legs mounted under the field stand.

Collapsible Rugged GCS Stands
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