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New Ground Control Stations in Development

Desert Rotor are developing a new portable GCS the FENNEC 12X, and a desktop mounted GCS the COMMAND 12XD By Sarah Simpson / 08 Nov 2022
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Unmanned systems GCS (ground control station) manufacturer Desert Rotor has announced that the smaller portable GCS, the FENNEC 12X, and a desktop mounted GCS, the COMMAND 12XD, are both now in development. These new form factors will overhaul the Desert Rotor GCS lineup, offering universal ground control stations, of all sizes, to fit client requirements.

Desert Rotor offer cost effective, professional ground control station designs, tailored to precise end user requirements. Desert Rotor GCS layouts provide clients with options to customize their operations, whilst optimized space and wiring minimizes external cabling and connections when setting up. The intuitive design allows users to cut out unnecessary pre-flight checks and increase the efficiency of their operations.

The GCS architecture is also designed to be highly universal. Along with a wide array of radio systems available on Desert Rotor’s website, the systems are designed to work with nearly any radio on the market.

Desert Rotor works with clients to integrate any radio of their choice, providing a vendor agnostic approach which gives users the option to tailor their GCS to fit their operations, and deliver a polished and professional presence.

In addition to this, recently developed GCS hardware by Desert Rotor enables engineers to scale motherboards either up or down, removing size limitations and enabling customers to request fully customizable GCS solutions.

Desert Rotor’s latest portable GCS, the MIRA 12X, is a good example of how the company is redefining the standard for universal GCS. A single-screen UAV ground control station, featuring HD touchscreen and an integrated head-up display, the MIRA 12X includes a choice of Intel i3, i7 and i9 processors whilst the redesigned switch array allows users to fully customize I/O functions to specific requirements.

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