Drone Ground Control Stations (GCS) & Portable GCS for UAV, Drones and UGV
COMMAND XD Versatile GCS for command centers, vehicles and workstations

Versatile GCS for command centers, vehicles and workstations

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The COMMAND XD is a next-generation ground control station for UAVs, UGVs and USVs, and is specifically designed for installation into command center workstations as well as mobile command vehicles such as vans and trucks. With a high degree of modularity, the versatile GCS allows you to easily switch between control of different vehicle configurations.

The COMMAND XD features a SmartView touchscreen HUD, and can be connected to up to 3 monitors, providing all the displays and information you need at a glance. I/O panels are fully customizable and USB hubs and Ethernet switches can be easily added, allowing you to tailor controls and peripherals to your exact requirements. The system includes a Hall effect 3-axis flight joystick, a Hall effect 2-axis payload joystick, and an integrated keyboard and multi-gesture trackpad.

COMMAND XD is based around an industrial-grade embedded PC with a choice of Intel i5, i7, and i9 CPUs. The RF expansion bay gives users the ability to cycle between up to six different radio systems.

Communications options for the COMMAND XD include:

Video Communications Clearview HD Direct
HDZero Digital Video System
Radios TBS Crossfire
Dragon Link
Digital IP Radios Airborne Innovations Microhard
Doodle Labs Smart Radio
Silvus StreamCaster
SkyHopper PRO-V
Persistent Systems MPU5
Sky-Drones AIRLink