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Electronic Engine Control Units (ECU) & Management Systems for EFI Engines + Engineering Development Services

Moscat Ingenieria
Electronic Engine Control Units (ECU) & Management Systems for EFI Engines + Engineering Development Services
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Moscat Ingeniería is a specialist developer of electronic fuel injection (EFI) components and two-stroke engine management systems for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones.

Drone EngineeringThrough our work with drone propulsion systems we have gained broad and deep knowledge and experience of a variety of UAV systems.

In addition to our off-the-shelf products we offer a range of custom capabilities and technical partnership opportunities for UAV system integrators, engine manufacturers and OEMs.

ECU for EFI UAV Engines

Electronic engine control for fuel injection drone engines

efi ecu electronic engine management systemOur EFI ECU (engine control unit) for two-stroke, four-stroke and rotary drone engines is a compact and lightweight unit that provides closed-loop control of fuel injection and ignition, adapting on the fly to the UAV’s engine status and environmental conditions such as altitude and temperature.

The electronic engine management system also provides a wide range of essential features including propeller pitch control, engine health monitoring, engine speed control via fly-by-wire, and control of a redundant fuel supply.

Specialized control algorithms are provided as standard for two-stroke engines, with options for four-stroke and Wankel rotary engines also available.

Engineering, Development & Consultancy Services

We provide a range of expert UAV and drone engineering consultancy services for commercial, industrial and military clients. These include:

UAV Engineering & ecu developmentCustom electronic management and OEM ECU development – we can adapt standard products to your unique requirements and use cases, and even develop complete custom solutions to suit your every need.

Our in-house capabilities include mechanical design, electronic and embedded software development, test and calibration, and certification tests for EMI, vibration, weatherproofing and more.

fuel injection components and Engine Management SystemsSystems integration – we can seamlessly integrate our electronic management solutions into your UAV platforms and engines, handling all aspects of ground test phases and providing support for flight testing.

Project support and upgrades – we provide a range of long term project support services, including hardware and software upgrades and assistance with certification and regulatory compliance.

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