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GNSS Positioning Solutions: RTK GNSS Receivers, UAV Base Stations for Surveying

SatLab Geosolutions
GNSS Positioning Solutions: RTK GNSS Receivers, UAV Base Stations for Surveying
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SatLab Geosolutions is a leading developer of high-precision RTK GNSS positioning solutions, handheld SLAM scanners, marine & water resources products, and total stations. With more than 40 years of experience in the GNSS industry and a strong focus on research and development, the company delivers innovative solutions to mapping and surveying professionals around the world.

rtk gnss positioning technology

Swedish engineering and technology

Surveyors and geospatial professionals depend on the most accurate and precise measurements to deliver successful outcomes. At SatLab Geosolutions, we pride ourselves on creating solutions that meet these needs with Swedish engineering and technology. We ensure that all our products meet our rigorous standards for quality checking and assurance, delivering innovative and reliable technology from the moment you begin work.

GNSS RTK Receivers

Freyja GNSS RTK Receiver

Versatile RTK-capable UAV base station

GNSS Base Station

Freyja is an advanced RTK-capable GNSS receiver that is ideal for deployment as a UAV base station for professional mapping and surveying applications. Delivering highly reliable GNSS corrections for the utmost in accuracy, the full-constellation and full-frequency receiver is an indispensable tool for surveyors in the field.

gnss receiver technologyWeighing just 800g, the rugged receiver is easy to carry and deploy and provides a battery life of over 12 hours. The unit’s state-of-the-art built-in antenna features enhanced anti-interference capabilities and tracking at low elevation angles. Advanced tilt compensation algorithms and a high-performance 9-axis IMU guarantee stable results even under difficult conditions.

Case Study: Using the Freyja GNSS Receiver for UAV Applications

GNSS Receiver as UAV GNSS Base StationThis case study explains how the SatLab Freyja GNSS receiver can be used as a GNSS base station to provide precise correction data for UAVs, thereby improving the accuracy of deliverables and enhancing the experience with better navigation.  Read the case study >

Eyr GNSS RTK System

GNSS receiver with dual cameras for survey & stakeout

Eyr GNSS RTK SystemThe Eyr is an advanced RTK-capable GNSS receiver featuring two built-in HD cameras for data gathering at a distance, making it ideal for stakeouts, building elevation survey, and applications in dangerous or difficult-to-reach areas.

The integrated multi-protocol radio transceiver is compatible with multiple sources of RTK data, and provides a typical operating range of 7km outdoors.
Eyr’s state-of-the-art hardware enables stronger tracking of GNSS satellites, as well as enhanced anti-jamming and interference suppression capabilities.

Learn more: Eyr GNSS RTK System

GS-1 GNSS Sensor

Full-constellation single/dual-antenna GNSS receiver for drones & robotics

GS-1 GNSS Sensor for dronesThe GS-1 is a full-constellation and full-frequency GNSS receiver, designed as a universal and cost-effective positioning solution and supporting both single- and dual-antenna operations.

Featuring a powerful CPU and integrated Linux operating system, the receiver can be configured through a built-in web server. Communications options include WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, and RS232 serial, and high-precision positioning data can be transmitted through all these simultaneously.

Learn more: GS-1 GNSS Sensor

3D Scanners

Cygnus Handheld SLAM Scanner

Mobile 3D scanner for precise point cloud acquisition

Cygnus Handheld 3d ScannerCygnus is a mobile laser scanner for high-accuracy point cloud data gathering and 3D modelling, featuring state-of-the-art SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology and algorithms. Data processing can be performed in the field thanks to real-time decoding software, and exported immediately once the scan is complete.

The versatile system can be easily mounted to UAVs and mobile mapping vehicles, and is ideal for a wide range of applications including construction survey, environmental monitoring, and modelling of indoor and GNSS-denied environments.

Lixel X1 Handheld SLAM Scanner

Lightweight 3D scanner for mapping and surveyingLixel X1 Handheld SLAM Scanner

Lixel X1 is a lightweight 3D scanner featuring powerful real-time scene reconstruction backed by SatLab’s next-generation SLAM technology. Data can be exported immediately after scanning without the need for post-processing, simplifying workflows and saving time for surveyors.

The versatile scanner provides up to 60 minutes of continuous operation, and can be easily mounted to UAVs and other mobile mapping vehicles.

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Handheld Controllers

TBA Rugged Tablet

Industrial-grade handheld tablet for field useTBA Rugged Tablet

The TBA is an Android-powered handheld tablet for convenient and intuitive control of UAVs and unmanned systems in the field. Featuring a 10-inch sunlight-readable screen, the rugged portable GCS (ground control station) has been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions to IP67 and MIL-STD-810G standards.

The tablet includes built-in 3G and 4G LTE cellular connectivity with voice telephony support. An optional high-precision GNSS-enabled version is available for professional GIS applications.

Learn more: TBA Rugged Tablet

Marine & Water Resources

Njord GNSS Receiver

Multi-constellation receiver for marine applications

Njord Multi-constellation GNSS receiverThe Njord is a multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver designed to provide precise positioning and heading for marine applications such as USVs. Corrections can be received via L-band, and communications options include UHF radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet.

The receiver features three hours of reserve emergency power, allowing it to enter standby mode if work is interrupted unexpectedly by loss of external power.

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HydroScan Side Scan Sonar

Towed sonar with dual-frequency capabilityHydroScan Side Scan Sonar

The HydroScan is a towed side scan sonar system that uses simultaneous dual-frequency scanning to provide clear underwater imaging, switching freely between continuous waveform and chirp modes. An ultra narrow beam angle of 0.2° allows resolution of up to 1.25cm, making it easier to recognize smaller objects.

Frequency options include 100, 400 and 900 kHz. HydroScan is ideal for a wide range of applications including cable and pipeline survey, mine countermeasures, dredging, archaeology, search and recovery, and more.

Learn more: HydroScan Side Scan Sonar

HydroFlow ACDP

Current profiling system with flexible deployment

HydroFlow ACDPThe HydroFlow is an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler that can be mounted on a variety of unmanned marine platforms, including USVs, UUVs and buoys, to provide an accurate and easy to use discharge and flow monitoring system.

Using sophisticated broadband signal processing technology, the HydroFlow ADCP provides enhanced anti-noise performance and measurement accuracy of up to 0.25% ± 0.25cm/s.

Learn more: HydroFlow ACDP

HydroBoat 990 USV

HydroBoat 990 bathymetric survey USVHigh-efficiency USV for bathymetric survey

The HydroBoat 990 is a portable and convenient USV (uncrewed surface vessel) platform designed to enable bathymetric surveys to be carried out by a single operator. Featuring an integrated GNSS receiver and SBES echosounder, the easy-to-use system provides both manual and automatic control options.

The robust vessel is IP67-rated for maximum durability, and includes a millimeter-wave radar for accurate obstacle detection and safe navigation.

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HydroBoat 1200 USV

Multipurpose uncrewed vessel for hydrographic survey & monitoring

usv for hydrographic survey & monitoringThe HydroBoat 1200 is a compact and versatile USV designed to be integrated with a wide variety of measurement sensors and equipment, providing a true multi-mission solution. Capable of full autonomy, the vessel can follow predefined routes even under highly challenging conditions.

The vessel features a built-in IMU, GNSS receiver, SBES echosounder, 360° PTZ camera, and mmWave radar. With a 240mm moon pool, it can be equipped with ADCPs, side-scan sonars, water quality meters, and more.

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HydroBoat 1500 USV

Versatile USV for underwater topographic survey

HydroBoat 1500 USVThe HydroBoat 1500 is a versatile USV designed to carry out underwater topographic surveys of lakes, rivers, reservoirs and other bodies of water. With a payload capacity of 60 kg, it is ideal for equipping with our HydroBeam M4 portable multibeam echosounder, as well as a variety of other payloads.

The robust vessel is IP67-rated for maximum durability, and includes a millimeter-wave radar and 360° omnidirectional camera for accurate obstacle detection and safe navigation.

Learn more: HydroBoat 1500 USV


gnss and rtk survey equipment

UAV Mapping

Our GNSS solutions are ideal for carrying out high-accuracy aerial photogrammetry missions with UAVs, gathering precise geotagged imagery for the creation of orthophotos, maps and other products.

Drone-Based Surveys

Satlabs GNSS and RTK surveying equipment enables efficient data gathering in challenging environments, allowing surveyors to accurately measure stockpile volumes, create 3D LiDAR models, plan construction and mining operations, and more.

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