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XPO24: Latest Upgrade for Intelligence as a Service Platform

The newest upgrade for TEKEVER ATLAS will enhance operational effectiveness by introducing new capabilities, including heat maps, FPV streaming and integration with TAK By William Mackenzie / 25 Apr 2024
XPO24: Latest Upgrade for Intelligence as a Service Platform
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TEKEVER, a provider of advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for maritime surveillance, unveils the latest upgrade to its intelligence as a service platform, TEKEVER ATLAS.

ATLAS provides intelligent onboard and on-ground tools for real-time and historical data processing. The TEKEVER AI/ML-powered data-center assures the right person gets the right information at the right moment.

The upgrade for ATLAS introduces innovative features aimed at enhancing operational effectiveness and decision-making capabilities, while also fostering teamwork and providing an immersive piloting experience for UAV controllers. 

The upgraded TEKEVER ATLAS platform now offers several new functionalities, including:

ATLAS Heatmaps
This feature enables efficient tracking and review of flight zones, allowing for precise analysis of surveillance data across missions and offering valuable insights into mission impacts over diverse timeframes.

Integration with TAK
By merging real-time data with RVT applications, this integration enhances UAV surveillance capabilities, streamlining collaboration and elevating situational awareness across teams and operations.

FPV Streaming
TEKEVER’s FPV video streaming feature provides an immersive piloting experience, particularly vital during take-off and landing phases when the gimbal camera is retracted. This first-person perspective ensures precise control and enhanced situational awareness for UAV operators.

With these enhancements, TEKEVER states that the company continues to lead the industry in drone reconnaissance, offering notably enhanced capabilities and a proactive monitoring tool with the watchlist feature.

Ricardo Ramião, TEKEVER Digital Director, remarked; As the core of our business revolves around intelligence, this upgrade signifies a small revolution in what we can offer to our customers

“With features like ATLAS Heatmaps, tracking and reviewing flight zones becomes more efficient, saving time and ensuring better decision-making. Integration with TAK enhances teamwork and situational awareness, resulting in improved coordination and quicker response times. 

“Additionally, FPV Streaming provides UAV pilots with enhanced control, leading to safer operations and more precise maneuvers.”

TEKEVER CEO, Ricardo Mendes, commented; Over the last year, TEKEVER ATLAS has played a critical role in thousands of situations across three continents, working with dual-use clients to identify relevant evidence through partnerships with UAS pilots. 

“By sharing high-resolution stills, screenshots, and video snippets, it enhances clients’ mission reporting and data exploration across multiple scenarios. Whether it’s a gas pipeline leak in Africa, an illegal fishing vessel, or whale migration off the coast of Italy, TEKEVER ATLAS represents the superlative of cooperation between human expertise and artificial intelligence.

TEKEVER assert that it is committed to equipping its drones with the industry’s most innovative solutions, ensuring robust and accurate results in delivering real-time intelligence as a service. 

Visit TEKEVER at booth #4737 during XPONENTIAL 2024, where live UAV mission demonstrations will showcase ATLAS’ new functionalities during the event.

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