GNSS Positioning Solutions: RTK GNSS Receivers, UAV Base Stations for Surveying

SatLab Freyja GNSS Receiver for UAV Applications

Feature Article by SatLab Geosolutions
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SatLab Freyja GNSS Receiver for UAV ApplicationsSatLab Geosolutions has released a case study describing how to use the Freyja GNSS receiver as a stationary terminal to provide precise correction data for UAVs.

Read the full case study on SatLab’s website > >

The case study explores:

  • High-precision positioning and UAV technology
  • How onboard RTK technology works
  • Setting-up workflow for drone mapping

High-precision positioning and navigation is a critical to UAV’s regardless of the applications. Different from traditional drone surveying, the emergence of RTK technology such as the Freyja GNSS receiver improves the work efficiency by offering real-time, highly-accurate position solutions for drone surveying, and ensuring a safer and more stable flight.

Read the full case study > >

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