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Satlab Geosolutions’ Multi-Purpose USV for Hydrography

By Satlabs Geosolutions / 02 Oct 2023
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Satlab Geosolutions' HydroBoat 1200 is a multi-purpose USV platform for hydrographic monitoring and surveys. Marketed as a smart companion for hydrology, the USV is equipped to accommodate a range of needs, including Single Beam Echo Sounder, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, Side Scan Sonar, and Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter. These should allow it to carry out precise data collection and seamless integration for bathymetry, current profiling, seafloor imaging, and water quality analysis – all in one versatile and agile platform. Whether customers need to explore deep oceans, navigate coastal waters, or survey serene lakes, the HydroBoat 1200 can adapt effortlessly to various water environments.

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