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Satlab’s Eyr – Next-Gen GNSS RTK Receivers with Dual Cameras

The Satlab Eyr’s image data can be imported simultaneously to complement features that cannot be captured by UAVs in the air, obtaining more complete 3D modelling data Feature Article by Satlab Geosolutions
Satlab’s Eyr - Next-Gen GNSS RTK Receivers with Dual Cameras
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Since high precision positioning technology was developed, RTK receivers like Satlab Geosolutions’ models have become increasingly sophisticated.

The Satlab Freyja was the first miniaturised integrated RTK receiver that could be used as a base station to complement UAVs for operational measurements and Drone mapping. Read more >>

This case study focuses on the next generation, Eyr, as a forward-looking GNSS receiver with new technologies and features in line with the miniaturised look of the portable concept.

This optimises the algorithms of the IMU inertial guidance module, making tilt survey initialisation easier and faster, while adding an optional 1408-channel mainboard for better signal and data acquisition.

In addition, the Eyr’s two unique cameras will open up more measurement scenarios for mapping users and create more possibilities for the future.

Satlab’s Eyr - Next-Gen GNSS RTK Receivers with Dual Cameras

Satlab goes on to discuss:

1. The Infinite Appeal of a Dual-Camera Design

2. Triple Novelty Image Application

  • Image survey, allowing you to unlock even more possibilities for measuring scenarios
  • 360 panoramic switching AR stakeout, the controller and receiver work together to guide the stakeout process
  • Eyr, capable of 3D modeling application, will be a better choice for UAV and GNSS RTK receivers to work together

If Freyja acts as a base station to provide the UAV with more accurate correction data to improve the accuracy of the deliverables and enhance the experience through better navigation, then Eyr serves as a collaborative tool to help the UAV obtain more image data on the ground.

Read the full case study or visit Satlab’s website for more information.

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