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High-Performance Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for Unmanned Systems

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High-Performance Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for Unmanned Systems
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VectorNav is a leading developer of state-of-the-art inertial navigation systems (INS) for unmanned systems.
Our tactical- and industrial-grade GNSS INS sensors provide unparalleled performance and capability for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) and other robotic platforms.

Our MEMS inertial navigation systems deliver superior accuracy and reliability even under the most demanding and dynamic real-world conditions. Featuring robust performance in highly SWaP-optimized packages, our inertial systems are ideal for integration into cutting-edge and mission-critical technologies.


Our IMUs (inertial measurement units) deliver high-output rate, low-noise accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data, fully calibrated across the full temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C. All units incorporate an onboard AHRS (attitude, heading and reference system) algorithm for real-time, continuous 360° attitude (yaw, pitch and roll) output, providing optimal heading estimates even in challenging magnetic environments.

VN-100 – Industrial Grade AHRS IMU

VN-100 miniature industrial-grade IMU/AHRSThe VN-100 is a miniature industrial-grade IMU/AHRS, combining 3-axis accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers with a barometric pressure sensor and 32-bit processor, and individually calibrated over the full operating temperature range.

Available in SMD or rugged enclosed form factors, it provides a real-time 3D attitude solution that is continuous over 360 degrees of motion.

  • Heading: 2.0° RMS
  • Pitch/Roll: 0.5° RMS
  • Gyro In-Run Bias (typ.): 5-7°/hr
  • Accel In-Run Bias: 40 µg

VN-110 – Tactical Grade IMU/AHRS

VN-110 miniature tactical-grade IMU/AHRSThe VN-110 is a miniature tactical-grade IMU/AHRS combining the latest MEMS inertial sensor technology with sophisticated proprietary filtering algorithms to deliver the highest possible performance.

In addition to calibrated sensor measurements, the VN-110 also computes and outputs real-time 3D orientation that is continuous over 360 degrees of motion.

Available in miniature footprint embedded board-mount or rugged IP-enclosed form factors, the VN-110 enable miniaturization and cost-reduction of unmanned systems and payloads with an unprecedented level of SWaP optimization.

  • Static Pitch/Roll: < 0.05˚
  • Gyroscope In-Run Bias: < 1°/hr
  • Accelerometer In-Run Bias: < 10 µg
  • Accelerometer Range: ±15 g

Learn more: VN-110


VectorNav’s GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems, featuring industry-leading inertial navigation algorithms, deliver higher-accuracy estimates and better dynamic performance than standalone GNSS or INS. Outputting accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data, as well as attitude (yaw, pitch and roll), position, velocity and timing, our GNSS/INS go beyond what products of their size and weight typically deliver.

VN-200 – Industrial Grade GNSS/INS

VN-200 - industrial-grade GNSS/INSThe VN-200 is a miniature industrial-grade GNSS/INS that combines 3-axis gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers with a high-sensitivity 72-channel GNSS receiver and sophisticated Kalman filtering to provide optimal estimates of position, velocity, and attitude.

It is available in a rugged clamshell enclosure or a surface mount package.

  • Dynamic Heading Accuracy: 0.2°
  • Dynamic Pitch/Roll Accuracy: 0.03°
  • Gyro In-Run Bias: 5-7°/hr
  • INS Output: 400 Hz

Learn more: VN-200

VN-210 – Tactical Grade GNSS/INS

VN-210 - tactical-grade GNSS/INSThe VN-210 is a miniature GNSS/INS incorporating the latest in MEMS inertial sensor technology, a multiband GNSS receiver, and aerospace-grade Extended Kalman Filter algorithms.

Delivering high-accuracy, low latency position, velocity, and attitude measurements, it is available in rugged DO-160G-rated enclosure or miniature embedded board-mount form factors.

The VN-210 is ideal for gimballed ISR payloads, SATCOM antennas and other unmanned systems and subsystems. The unit also features support for external SAASM GNSS for defense applications in ISR, electronic warfare, munitions and UAV navigation.

  • Dynamic Heading: 0.05˚-0.1˚
  • Dynamic Pitch/Roll: 0.015˚
  • Gyroscope In-Run Bias: < 1°/hr
  • Accelerometer In-Run Bias: < 10 µg

Learn more: VN-210


Our dual GNSS-aided INS products utilise tightly-coupled MEMS inertial sensors and high-sensitivity GNSS receivers to provide a robust inertial navigation solution for both static and dynamic applications. With seamless estimates of heading, pitch and roll, these dual GNSS-INS deliver superior performance under challenging operating conditions without the need to rely on a magnetometer.

VN-300 – Dual Antenna GNSS/INS

VN-300 - industrial-grade dual-antenna GNSS/INSThe VN-300 is a miniature industrial-grade dual-antenna GNSS/INS combining advanced MEMS inertial sensors with two high-sensitivity GNSS receivers.

Delivering highly accurate estimates of position, velocity, and orientation, the VN-300 does not need to rely on vehicle dynamics or magnetic sensors and provides unmatched performance under both static and dynamic conditions.

The surface mount package option can be directly embedded into a user’s electronics, while the rugged enclosed “plug and play” version offers additional protection for the internal sensors, receivers and electronics.

  • GNSS-Compass Heading: 0.3°
  • Dynamic Heading: 0.2°
  • Dynamic Pitch/Roll: 0.03°
  • Gyroscope In-Run Bias: < 1°/hr

Learn more: VN-300

VN-310 – Tactical Grade Dual Antenna GNSS/INS

VN-310 - tactical-grade dual-antenna GNSS/INSThe VN-310 is a miniature tactical-grade dual-antenna GNSS/INS that incorporates the latest advanced MEMS inertial technology and two 72-channel multiband GNSS receivers. It delivers high-accuracy position, velocity and attitude under both static and dynamic conditions.

Available as a compact embedded board-mount module or a rugged aluminium enclosure, the VN-310 is ideal for high-precision pointing, stabilization and direct georeferencing. The unit also features support for external SAASM GNSS for defense applications in ISR, electronic warfare, munitions and UAV navigation.

  • GNSS-Compass Heading: 0.3°
  • Dynamic Heading: 0.05˚-0.1˚
  • Dynamic Pitch/Roll: 0.03°
  • Gyro In-Run Bias (typ.): 5-7°/hr

Learn more: VN-310

Inertial Navigation Primer

We’ve authored a comprehensive educational introduction to the principles of inertial navigation. Our Inertial Navigation Primer includes coverage of:

  • Theory of Operation (GNSS, MEMS Sensors, AHRS, GNSS/INS)
  • Math Fundamentals (Reference Frames, Attitude, Filtering, Feedback)
  • Specifications & Error Budgets (IMU Specifications & Calibration, INS Error Budget, GNSS Error Budget)
  • Hardware (Asynchronous & Synchronous Serial, RF, EMI).

The VectorNav Library is your introduction to all things Inertial Navigation.

Inertial Sensor Applications

Inertial sensors for UAVs

EO/IR Surveillance – Gimbal Pointing

INS for UAV Gimbal PointingGimballed payload systems are essential for collection of real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) information and situational awareness data, allowing precision pointing of the payload independent of the vehicle attitude.

Our INS nav products can be used to provide geo-referenced position data for EO/IR sensor suites and other payloads.

Case Study: Octopus ISR Delivers Precision Geo-Lock
Delivering reliable and accurate navigation data with the VN-200 MEMS inertial navigation system for a stabilized dual-sensor UAV gimbal. Read it here >

Learn more about GNSS INS solutions for precision open-loop pointing

SATCOM On-the-Move – Antenna Pointing

Precision Antenna Pointing SOTMSatellite communications (SATCOM) and SATCOM on-the-move (SOTM) products and services provide persistent mobile communications from anywhere in the world.

A key challenge for any SATCOM system is maintaining a line-of-sight (LOS) connection with the target satellite – our GNSS/INS solutions can provide the high-accuracy pointing required for transmission of large amounts of data without interference from neighbouring satellites.

Case Study: High-Precision Antenna Pointing
Providing critical position and attitude data with the VN-200 INS Nav for SATCOM on the Move terminals. Read it here >

Learn more about precise stabilization and pointing for SATCOM on-the-move

LiDAR Mapping – Georeferencing LiDAR Data

High-accuracy position and attitude are essential requirements for UAV LiDAR mapping systems that deliver accurate georeferenced point cloud data. We provide high-precision MEMS INS solutions that enable rapid, reliable mobile mapping systems.

INS for UAV Lidar Mapping
INS for UAV LiDAR Direct Georeferencing

Case Study: Next-Generation Aerial LiDAR Mapping
LidarUSA’s ScanLook Revolution mapping system featuring an integrated VN-300 Dual-Antenna MEMS inertial navigation system. Read it here >

Learn more about georefencing for high-accuracy LiDAR mapping and surveying systems

Aerial Photogrammetry – Direct Georeferencing

Aerial UAV PhotogrammetrySurvey-grade UAV photogrammetry uses high-precision GNSS/INS in combination with powerful post-processing software to deliver precise outputs such as orthomosaics, Digital Surface Models, and 3D point clouds.

Our direct georeferencing solutions enable highly efficient aerial mapping with limited or no need for ground control points (GCPs).

Case Study: A New Take on Precision Aerial Photography
Overwatch Imaging’s TK-series camera systems use the VN-200 for accurate georeferencing. Read it here >

Learn more about GNSS/INS sensors and system integration for directly georeferenced UAV mapping

Additional Case Studies

Hydra Technology Takes Flight
The Hydra S45 medium-range UAV uses the VN-200 for its primary navigation. Read it here >

Neya Systems Navigates to Success
Providing navigation and attitude data with the VN-200 GPS/INS for an unmanned systems autonomy module. Read it here >

Red Bull Air Race Search for Perfection
Using the VN-300 to drive an augmented reality solution and provide high-accuracy data for judging. Read it here >

Aerial Triangulation Report Summary
Independent validation of the performance specifications for the VN-200 and VN-210 INS sensors. Read it here >

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