Custom-Designed Carbon-Fiber Drone Propellers for OEM Manufacturers

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Mejzlik Propellers is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom propellers for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones.

We provide perfectly-fitted aerospace- and military-grade carbon fiber propeller solutions for multirotor, fixed-wing and hybrid unmanned aircraft.


With ISO 9001 certification and over 30 years of experience, we can tailor reliable and efficient products, as well as any part of our process, to your exact UAV requirements. Our services are ideal for OEMs and specialist drone operators seeking high-quality optimised propeller designs for their platforms.


Expert drone propeller design and consultancy

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We work with you to gather details on your particular UAV platform and applications, including details of altitudes, payload capacity requirements and specialized needs such as silent operation. Based on this information, we provide you with a quote and project timeline.


The first stage in our design process is to determine a suitable motor and ESC (electronic speed controller) for your needs. Using this, we perform both computer and dynamic wind tunnel tests with different setups of existing commercial products to gather more data and make informed decisions about the next stage.


State-of-the-art 3D modelling is used to produce your unique design, ensuring that the propeller can withstand large forces from the engine, high RPM and increasing flight velocities. Our proprietary software, based on Blade Element Momentum and Vortex theories, provides important high-accuracy propeller flight characteristics. These are further validated via sophisticated simulation methods, including CFD analyses and airflow measurements that constantly refine our mathematical models.

Superior quality tooling, prototyping and production


We figure out the structure and moulding of the prototype, including criteria such as layering, central elements and inserts, to create an initial product that can be flown on your UAV platform to gather more data and further refine the process. Once the design is finalised, we work with you to agree the final setup, and find out scaling requirements and any limits on mass production.

propeller-quality testingAll drone propellers undergo strict, uncompromising weight tests with forces much higher than they would expect to encounter during flight, ensuring solid construction and layer connection and giving you utmost peace of mind.

Propellers are also balanced both horizontally and vertically at three different stages: while manufacturing, during quality control, and before shipping.

Additional testing can be performed to certify your platform, including for compliance with FAR part 35 airworthiness standards. External tests can also be carried out in conjunction with our partners at certified EASA and FAA aviation centres, including endurance, saltwater environment resistance, speed camera tests, as well as additional strength and wind tunnel testing.

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