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Propellers for Urban Air Mobility

Mejzlík Propellers have added 60, 70 and 80-inch propellers to their OTS propeller portfolio, designed for use in UAM solutions By Sarah Simpson / 16 Jan 2023
Propellers for Urban Air Mobility
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In response to having received several orders for the production of 2-3m propeller prototypes, for use in UAM (urban air mobility) systems, Mejzlík Propellers have added 60, 70 and 80-inch propellers to their OTS (Off-The-Shelf) propeller portfolio.

Production of these larger propellers is achieved following the installation of a curing oven purpose-built for propellers up to 3 meters in length, which can cure using automatic curing cycles up to 180 degrees. Methods used include CF infusion tooling using a high precision CNC master tool model, and prepreg propeller materials.

Development activities

Mejzlík Propellers are also constructing an internal testing laboratory for overspin, endurance, structures, noise and material fatigue in accordance with EASA/FAA regulations.

To better understand the future requirements that will be necessary for certification, Mejzlík are cooperating with various manufacturers of UAM platforms. They are also working with UBIQ Aerospace to develop a propeller anti-icing solution, which works by implementing metal Leading Edge Protection to multicopter and fixed-wing UAVs, a solution first implemented in 2022 – Read more.

Work to increase the repeatability of these products is underway using Computerized Numerical Controlling of foam cores, prepreg materials and new non-destructive testing methods.


Alongside OTS (Off the shelf) propellers, Mejzlík Propellers specialize in the development, simulation, production and testing of custom made propellers designed to specific customer requirements. All Mejzlík Propellers are delivered fully assembled and balanced for vibration-free operation.

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