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Knight Optical is bringing quality into focus by supplying UV-VIS-NIR precision optical components, opto-mechanics and subassemblies for unmanned vehicle applications, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous driving systems.

We provide a wide range of stocked items and can deliver high quality custom optical components to your exact specifications through our design and consultancy service.

We thoroughly test every component in our state-of-the-art metrology lab and are ISO9001:2015 UKAS certified, ensuring the highest levels of quality throughout. Our highly-trained team of technical advisers can also interpret ISO10110 technical drawings for optical components, ensuring your specification will be followed exactly during production and testing. We also test to BS4301-1991, MIL-C-14806A and MIL-G-174B standards and supply our customers with full test reports.

Precision Optical Domes for ROVs

COTS and Custom Optical Domes and Windows for ROV/AUVs

ROV Optical DomesSubmersible ROV’s that perform at a wide range of depths, from shallow-water inspections to deep-sea exploration require high quality optical domes and pressure windows, this is where Knight Optical can help.

The hemispherical construction of our dome windows makes the two optical surfaces an equal thickness apart, resulting in a naturally strong shape that gets tougher under pressure and is ideal for underwater applications such as ROV camera dome ports and submersible windows.

Dependent on the wavelength you require for your particular application, we can manufacture using materials including UV Grade Fused Silica, Quartz and Sapphire for harsh environments and infrared applications, and PMMA acrylic for lightweight and low-cost bulk manufacturing.

Stock domes range from 25mm to 100mm diameter, and custom domes can be produced from your own drawings or designed in-house by our team of experts.

Precision Optical Domes for ROVs

Custom Capabilities:

Diameter 5mm to 300mm+
Thickness Dependent on diameter
Dimensional tolerances +/-0.05mm
Pressure tolerance Dependent on size and material
Max. strength variation: +/-0.2 diopters
Surface figure (fringes)
 < 10(5)
Concentricity < 0.05mm
Scratch/dig <20:10
Polish < P3
Coating options AR coated for select wavelengths, ITO coated, Hydrophobic coated

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Autonomous Vehicle LiDAR Optics

Optical Components for LiDAR Systems

We provide custom and off-the-shelf precision optical components for LiDAR systems used in state-of-the-art unmanned vehicle surveying and autonomous driving applications. We provide dedicated account managers with vast experience in LiDAR Optics to ensure that your optical component needs are catered for throughout the whole supply chain.

Our front surface mirrors, used for LiDAR beam steering and reflecting, are precision engineered and optimized for maximum reflectivity at 1550nm or other ranges in the visible or NIR spectrum, with sheet sizes of up to 1 meter square. A range of coatings is available to maximize reflection at your application’s chosen wavelength, including 98.5% and 99.9% dielectric, enhanced aluminium and protected gold.

Sapphire, UV-grade Fused Silica, BK7, quartz and toughened borosilicate are great materials for tough cover windows which are vital for protecting components of autonomous vehicle LiDAR systems. Our windows are engineered to withstand impact damage as well as scratches from high grit environments. These windows are also provided with AR coatings for improved transmission over the LiDAR wavelengths.

Our optical filters, used to attenuate unwanted parts of the spectrum and pass through the required wavelengths, can be optimized for a range of required wavelengths including 1550nm as well as other visible, IR and laser wavelengths. Our stock filter range includes notch, band pass, long pass, short pass, neutral density and dichroic, and we can custom-engineer filters to your exact specifications.

Our high-precision lenses are ideal for laser beam shaping and alignment in the receiving and delivery optics of unmanned LiDAR systems. Achromatic doublet lenses are designed to remove first order chromatic aberration and are available off-the-shelf in diameters from 3mm up to 110mm as well as custom sizes. Planoconvex lenses, used for focusing or collecting light, are available in diameters from 2.5mm up to 100mm in a full range of focal lengths and materials, with custom broadband antireflective coatings available for 630-1100nm and 1050-1700nm wavelengths.

Infrared Imaging Optics

IR Optical Components for Thermal Imaging Systems

IR Optics for UAVsWe provide a wide range of high-precision optics for advanced infrared (IR) imaging applications, such as unmanned aerial vehicle thermal systems and other robotics sensors. Our IR optics can be fine-tuned to any part of the spectrum, including NIR (700nm to 1.2µm), Mid-IR (3 to 5µm), and Far-IR (8 to 30µm+).

Manufactured in infrared materials such as germanium, sapphire, calcium fluoride and zinc sulphide. These materials can be precisely engineered in a variety of forms, including ground blanks, polished windows, lenses, prisms and rods.

Our infrared optical components can be provided with anti-reflection and hard coatings – these as well as dimensions, focal lengths and tolerances can be delivered to your exact specifications.

Custom Optics & Assemblies

Optical Assembly Design and Consultancy Service

Custom Optical AssembliesOur expert design and consultancy team can help you develop your optical solution from design to complete housed optical assembly. We can create 3D models and drawings, evaluate the feasibility, tolerance and performance of your design, and fully test your optics to the highest quality standards in our state-of-the-art metrology lab.

We provide a wide range of precision manufacturing services, including lens polishing, diamond turning, CNC grinding and dicing, laser cutting and glass blowing. A wide range of additional features can be added to your optical components, including lamination, anti-reflective coatings and mirror coatings.

For more information or to place an order contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality optical components and service can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.

Zemax optical design software

Zemax optical design software

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