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Whitepaper: The Most Common Optical Filters and Their Uses

Feature Article by Knight Optical
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Knight OpticalWhitepaper: The Most Common Optical Filters and Their Uses, a leading global supplier of ultra-high-precision optical components for high-spec UAVs and unmanned systems, has released a whitepaper detailing the most common optical filters and their uses .

Download Knight Optical’s full whitepaper here >>

Optical Filters are available in an array of choices and are employed for a wide and diverse range of applications. As a global supplier of stock and custom-made optics, Knight Optical runs through the most popular types and some of their typical functions, including:

  • Dichroic Filtersused in machine vision
  • Neutral-Density (ND) Filtersused in aerial imaging
  • Infrared (IR) Cut Filtersused in imaging sensors

With over 30 years in the industry, Knight Optical precision optical components are used globally within unmanned systems in military and defense, and for survey and mapping purposes, as well as across many more subsectors. To find out more download the whitepaper or visit Knight Optical’s UST profile.

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