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Mobile Phone Detection System - Airborne Search and Rescue (SAR) Payload Device for UAVs & Drones

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Mobile Phone Detection System - Airborne Search and Rescue (SAR) Payload Device for UAVs & Drones
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CENTUM research & technology is a leading developer of airborne solutions for emergency response, security and defense. Our systems are designed to maximize efficiency for critical UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and drone applications, including SAR (search and rescue), firefighting, disaster relief, and surveillance.

Our Lifeseeker phone detection device helps SAR teams around the world to save lives, and has been provided to over 25 customers to date, with hundreds of successful missions.

Lifeseeker Mini – Cellular Phone Geolocation Payload

Mobile phone detection system for UAVs & drones

Airborne SAR System

Lifeseeker Mini is a cellular phone detector device for emergency personnel, first responders and SAR (search and rescue) teams. The system turns the everyday and near-ubiquitous mobile phone into an emergency beacon that can guide rescuers to victims and missing persons, vastly improving the odds of success when time is of the essence.

The low-SWaP (size, weight and power) SAR payload can easily be attached to a variety of different small UAS platforms, enabling efficient lifesaving missions while saving manpower and optimizing operational costs. Large search areas can be thoroughly swept in just a few minutes, and Lifeseeker Mini can even detect mobile phones buried under snow, making it ideal for avalanche rescue.

Phone Detector Device

Mobile Phone Detection System

State-of-the-art search and rescue technology

Lifeseeker Mini is an essential payload for airborne SAR missions, able to operate day or night under highly challenging weather conditions. It works under all possible network conditions, including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G (NSA), and even when there is no network coverage at all. Target phones can be filtered by IMSI/IMEI number, country or network operator code.

SAR Detection

Cellphone-agnostic, the Lifeseeker Mini payload performs high-accuracy phone geolocation down to less than five metres, thanks to our proprietary algorithm. The search and rescue device can also act as a communications relay, providing voice or SMS contact between missing persons and the rescue team.

Intuitive interface & training software

lifeseeker SAR interfaceLifeseeker Mini is controlled via an intuitive web-based interface that can be accessed via any tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. The easy-to-use system requires minimal training and can be used by any team member without the need for technical cellular communications knowledge.

Lifeseeker Center, a powerful simulation and debriefing software tool, is also available for SAR team training.

Proven mobile phone detection under real-world conditions

The Lifeseeker platform is tried and tested under a wide variety of real-world scenarios, with both civilian and military users in over 10 countries to date.

The product has been developed in conjunction with leading SAR organizations such as Swiss aerial rescue specialists Rega. Thanks to their feedback, we ensure that Lifeseeker is constantly at the forefront of search and rescue technology.

SAR Payload for Phone Geolocation

Lifeseeker is also available in two other specialized form factors – SAR for helicopters, and SAR XL for fixed-wing aircraft and longer-range helicopters.

Lifeseeker Mini was awarded first place in the Technology — Enabling Components & Peripherals category at the 2022 AUVSI XCELLENCE awards.

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