Search and Rescue Payloads for Drones & UAV

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Overview Search and Rescue Payloads for Drones & UAV
By Mike Ball Last updated: November 3rd, 2023

Drones used by search and rescue (SAR) teams may be equipped with a wide range of payloads that may help them to locate missing persons and victims of disasters, as well as to maximize safety and comfort once people are found.

RGB & Thermal Cameras for Search & Rescue Drones

TrakkaBeam TLXc Searchlight & EO/IR Camera Payload by Trakka Systems

TrakkaBeam TLXc Searchlight & EO/IR Camera Payload by Trakka Systems

Search and rescue payloads may include visual and thermal cameras that enable drones to scan their surroundings for signs of life. Drone SAR camera payloads may combine both of these into an EO/IR gimbal that enables detection both during the day and at night, as well as in challenging conditions such as fog, haze, smoke and heavy vegetation.

SAR camera payloads may be able to capture both still images and high-definition video footage, which the drone can then stream to a pilot in the vicinity or a remote command center.

IMSI Catchers & Mobile Phone Detectors for SAR Drone Teams

IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) catchers are payloads that allow SAR drones to locate cellular phones and mobile devices via numbers that are unique to each device. They may be able to pinpoint the location of the device down to accuracies of a few meters, and may also provide additional functionality such as the ability to send SMS messages.

Spotlights for SAR UAVs

Automoving Drone Light Payload by Tundra Drone

Automoving Drone Light Payload by Tundra Drone

Drone searchlights allow SAR UAVs to illuminate search areas and enhance visibility at night and under low lighting conditions. These lighting solutions may be able to automatically follow the direction of the drone camera in order to provide optimal illumination. They may also be equipped with interchangeable filters to allow enhanced visibility under different conditions.

Cargo Payloads for SAR Drones

SAR drones may also be equipped with the ability to carry and drop a range of different items that could be essential during search and rescue scenarios. These include food and water, medical supplies, radios, and lifejackets and life rafts.

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