Searchlights & Spotlights for Drones & UAV

Manufacturers and suppliers of drone spotlights, including searchlights for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), used in disaster response, search & rescue, and public safety operations
Overview Searchlights & Spotlights for Drones & UAV
By Mike Ball Last updated: February 9th, 2024

Lighting Payloads for Drones

Spotlights and searchlights are powerful illumination tools designed to enhance the capabilities of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in conditions with low-light or poor visibility.

Automoving drone light payload for DJI Mavic 3 by Tundra Drone

Automoving drone light payload for DJI Mavic 3 by Tundra Drone

Spotlights, mounted on the underside of the drone, offer concentrated illumination over a specific area, and can be used in scenarios such as surveillance missions where operators need to focus on specific points of interest.

Searchlights are broader and more powerful, with the ability to cast a wide beam of light over a larger area, making them ideal for search and rescue operations.

Nighttime operations have been revolutionized with the integration of spotlights and searchlights. Law enforcement agencies utilize these tools to track suspects, monitor crowds, and enhance public safety. In agriculture, drones equipped with spotlights can assess crop health and monitor livestock after dark.

LED Technology

A significant advantage of these lighting systems is their adaptability, with some remotely adjusted in terms of intensity, direction, and color, providing versatility for different applications. Advancements in LED technology have made these lights more energy-efficient, extending the drone’s operational time.

Although highly useful, it’s important to recognise that the use of lights on drones may be subject to local regulations in order to prevent interference with aviation safety, prevent light pollution and mitigate privacy concerns.

Spotlights for Tethered & Multirotor Drones

Mission requirements dictate the type of drone used to carry a search or spotlight payload. Multirotor drones, such as quadcopters and unmanned helicopters are ideal for searchlight payloads due to their ability to hover in place. They are also ideal for close-range operations such as indoor inspection or low-altitude surveillance.

Tethered multirotors are used extensively with spotlight payloads as a way of rapidly illuminating an area without the requirement for fixed infrastructure. These are used in emergency response situations, as well as construction, law enforcement, and by the emergency services. Because tethered drones have a permanent physical link to a power supply they can stay in the air indefinitely, providing an uninterrupted light source.

TrakkaBeam TLX-M UAV Searchlight for all-weather operation by Trakka Systems

TrakkaBeam TLX-M UAV Searchlight for all-weather operation by Trakka Systems

Disaster Response

UAVs equipped with searchlights and spotlights play a vital role in disaster response and emergency situations, providing valuable support to first responders and rescue teams by enhancing visibility, aiding in search and rescue efforts, and improving situational awareness.

The lights are highly effective in locating and identifying survivors or victims, especially during low-light conditions. The bright lights help to illuminate large areas, increasing the chances of finding individuals in need of assistance.

Search & Rescue

Spotlights and searchlights on UAVs have become crucial in locating missing persons, stranded hikers, and accident victims. The lights provide 24/7 coverage, extending search and rescue operations well into the night. The precise lighting capabilities allow for targeted illumination of specific areas, aiding in the identification of distress signals or injured individuals.

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