Pan-Tilt Units & Systems

Find Pan Tilt Unit manufacturers and suppliers of pan and tilt systems and software, including turrets and pedestals for ISR, tracking and positioning
Overview Pan-Tilt Units & Systems
By Technology Editor Last updated: October 20th, 2023

Pan Tilt Systems

Pan Tilt Unit by UAVOS

Pan Tilt Unit by UAVOS

Pan-tilt units allow precise positioning in two axes – rotation up and down in a vertical plane, and left and right in a horizontal plane. They may be connected to a wide range of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and robotics sensors and payloads as well as those found in counter-drone systems. These devices may include video and thermal cameras, antennas, laser rangefinders, radars and weapons systems.

Pan-tilt systems may provide a limited angle of motion to rotate through, or may use integrated slip rings to provide continuous 360-degree rotation. They may be connected to a computer that can provide real-time control via a serial, Ethernet or CAN connection, and some can be controlled remotely over the Internet.

Pan-tilt Software

Pan-tilt software may be provided by the manufacturer, and an API with documented command protocols may be provided to allow systems integrators to write custom applications. Control of the system may include the ability to specify the position of the motors, as well as the velocity of rotation. A joystick may also be able to interface with the unit, allowing real-time control by an operator.

Inertial Stabilization & Geo-Pointing

Advanced pan-tilt systems may include a number of additional features, including built-in inertial stabilization and tracking. Geo-pointing capabilities allow the unit to be provided with GPS latitude and longitude coordinates, as well as altitude, and point a payload at that position.

Pan-tilt units may need to be ruggedized for extreme environments, which may include the use of IP-rated sealing against dust and moisture, saltwater-resistant alloys and coatings, and hermetically-sealed connectors. They may also need to operate reliably in extended temperature ranges.