VTOL and Fixed Wing UAVs, Autopilots, Engines, GCS, Components and Payloads for UAS

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VTOL UAV Autopilot SystemSilicon Valley-based UAVOS is a leading developer of innovative unmanned solutions for air, ground and marine applications, specializing in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms, autopilots and other components.

Our robotic systems products, ranging from small quadcopters to large fixed-wing aircraft, are ideal for a wide range of industrial, commercial and defense applications.

In addition to off-the-shelf products, we can also supply complete turnkey UAS solutions, and convert existing manned aircraft into unmanned platforms.

Automatic Control Systems (Autopilot Kits)

Compact and lightweight modular autopilots for drones

Our automatic control systems (autopilots) for UAVs, USVs and UGVs provide the option of automatic take-off and landing, semi-automatic control with automatic stabilization, or full manual control via a ground control station. In addition, they also allow for broadcasting of telemetry data as well as monitoring and control of payloads, power supplies, propulsion systems and more.

Each kit contains modular components, such as IP67-sealed CPUs and onboard telemetry units in rugged aluminium housings, as well as GPS receivers, pitot tubes and antennas. A wide variety of payloads can be interfaced via 1-wire, RS-232, RS-485, TTL UART or CAN.

We offer three automatic control system kits:

AP10.1 Automatic Control System for fixed-wing and VTOL UAVs with 100-1500kg MTOW, as well as lighter-than air systems, UGVs and USVs.

AP101 Automatic Control System for UAVs

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AP10.2 Mini Automatic Control System for fixed-wing and VTOL UAVs with 15-100 kg MTOW, as well as lighter-than air systems, UGVs and USVs.

AP102 Mini Automatic Control System for UAV

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AP10.3 Micro Automatic Control System for sUAS with <15kg MTOW.

AP103 Micro Automatic Control System for HALE UAS

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VTOL Helicopter UAVs

All our Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) UAVs are available as a complete unmanned aerial system bundled with a Ground Control Station (GCS).

UVH-25EL Unmanned Helicopter

Industrial grade VTOL UAV for surveillance and monitoring

UVH-290E Unmanned Helicopter

The UVH-25EL is an industrial-grade electric unmanned helicopter with rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and a 5kg payload capacity. It can be piloted semi-automatically via wireless control with full access to diagnostics and flight planning, or carry out missions with complete autonomy. It is ideal for surveillance and monitoring, as well as environmental research applications such as meteorology and hydrology.


Dimensions (LxH)2670 mm x 670 mm
Max take-off weight25kg
Max speed100 km/h (45 km/h cruising)
Operational range67 km
Operational ceiling3500 m
Approximate flight time1.5 hours

UVH-170 Unmanned Helicopter

Drone helicopter with 4-stroke gasoline engine

UVH 170 Unmanned Helicopter

The UVH 170 is a four-stroke gasoline engine-powered unmanned helicopter specially designed with improved engine cooling for reliable operation in hot and humid environments. Featuring fully autonomous operation or semi-automatic control, it is ideal for payload delivery, surveillance and monitoring, and environmental research.


Dimensions (LxH)3285 mm x 851 mm
Max take-off weight41 kg
Max speed100 km/h (60 km/h cruising)
Operational range350 km
Operational ceiling2500 m
Approximate flight time5 hours (with 4kg payload)

UVH R22 Unmanned Helicopter

Fully autonomous drone helicopter based on proven Robinson R22 platform

UVH R22 Unmanned Helicopter

The UVH R22 is a heavy-lift unmanned helicopter based on the proven Robinson R22 platform. Featuring the ability to transport up to 180 kg of cargo to specified locations, it is capable of operating under harsh weather conditions in any terrain, at any time of day or night.

Multiple UVH R22 ground control stations can be networked together for simultaneous multi-aircraft operations. With a variety of payload options including EO/IR, LiDAR and hyperspectral sensors, the UVH R22 unmanned helicopter is ideal for logistics, precision agriculture, environmental research and more.


Dimensions (LxH)8800 x 2700 mm
Max take-off weight635 kg
Max speed189 km/h (160 km/h cruising)
Operational range1020 km
Operational ceiling4200 m
Approximate flight time6 h (with 4kg payload)

Fixed-Wing UAVs

All UAVOS fixed-wing UAVs are available as a complete unmanned aerial system bundled with a Ground Control Station.

BOREY 20 Fixed-Wing UAV

Long-endurance fixed-wing drone