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UAVOS’ Most Significant Advancements in 2023

UAVOS has issued a review looking at the highlights from 2023 discussing continued MALE UAS innovation, production facility growth, and on-going global developments in drone-based services By Joe Macey / 05 Jan 2024
UAVOS' Most Significant Advancements in 2023
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UAVOS has highlighted its most significant advances in developing, producing and modernizing unmanned systems in an annual review. 

The company’s key programs include Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV development, its new AI Software for an advanced multi-object gathering and processing data, and ongoing developments in drone-based services.

Watch 2023 highlights:

Continuing MALE UAS Innovation

Capitalizing on previous generation track records with over 1 million flight hours across multiple customers, UAVOS has launched a next-generation Flight Control System featuring advanced software, sensors, powerful processing upgrades, hardware, and leading edge control algorithms for getting massive boost and progressing capacity of UAV. Read more >>

Detect and Process Faster

UAVOS has created and integrated video processing and computer vision algorithms for automatic recognition and tracking objects into their autonomous systems. Featuring the Vision and Recognition AI algorithms, with end-to-end solutions from autonomous labeling to a model training of a tracking algorithm which is based on a neural network, the software is specifically geared towards the inspection missions and the security industry. Read more >>

Production Facility Growth

UAVOS has launched a new composite manufacturing facility to produce composite parts for structural unmanned aircraft sub-assemblies. The new processing line is designed to improve the process and cost efficiency with reduced waste and energy consumption to produce advanced composite parts. Read more >>

Commitment to the Global Drones For Good Program

UAVOS has employed high-end technologies for autonomous data collection and analysis enabling big data platform processing. The advanced approach allows to increase data processing automation from 30% to 90%. Furthermore, a digital twin is utilized and merged into one coherent environment to perform advanced analytics and provide detailed maintenance predictions for the customers. Read more >>

Global Growth

UAVOS and GradeOne Group, a part of the EDGE, the world’s leading advanced technology groups based in the UAE, joined forces to produce innovative solutions for the autonomous systems industry as part of the joint R&D Laboratory. Read more >>

Speaking of these achievements, Aliaksei Stratsilatau, Co-Founder and CEO of UAVOS commented; “UAVOS takes a holistic approach to sustainability, focusing efforts and reporting around the following areas: product impact, business integrity, employee wellbeing, resource efficiency and information security”.

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