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First Responder Drone companies and suppliers of suppliers of UAV for First Responders including multirotor, VTOL, fixed-wing, and unmanned helicopter UAS
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By Technology Editor Last updated: October 20th, 2023

Disaster Relief & Emergency Response Drones

Drones are a vital tool in emergency situations for many first responders, including police, fire services, medics, and search and rescue teams. First responder drones provide aerial views and critical situational intelligence that enable better decision-making, and often allow personnel to observe dangerous situations and areas from a greater standoff distance, thus minimizing risk.

Law Enforcement Drones
Law enforcement agencies use drones to assist in a variety of situations. They can be used as a replacement for manned helicopters in many tasks, and are often easier and less costly to deploy and operate. These tasks include searching for suspects and missing persons, and capturing evidence at crime scenes.

SWAT Drones
SWAT teams may use drones to survey an area and establish contact with suspects during situations such as hostage negotiations. SWAT drones may be equipped with glassbreaking tools for breaching, as well as one-or two-way communications links.

Fightfighter Drones
Drones equipped with thermal imaging sensors can be essential tools for firefighters tackling both building fires and wildfires. Firefighting drones can assess burning structures and patches of woodland, locate fire hotspots, and spot people who are trapped or require assistance. Unlike regular cameras, thermal imagers are able to see through smoke and haze.

Search and Rescue Drones
SAR drones can be used to find people lost in wilderness and mountainous areas or at sea, and can cover large areas or land or water much quicker than ground- or boat-based search teams. They can also be used to drop essential equipment and supplies to people in need, such as food, water, inflatable liferafts, first aid kits, and radios.

Disaster relief and emergency response drones may also be deployed in the aftermath of events such as earthquakes, floods, tornados and major industrial accidents. They can be equipped with a range of sensors to locate not only people but also dangerous chemicals, gases and radioactive materials.

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