Professional Heavy-Lift Multirotor Drones, Drone Gimbals, Drone Tethers, Drone Controllers

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Acecore Technologies is a leading developer of state-of the-art unmanned aerial solutions for a wide range of professional markets. Our innovative, durable VTOL drones, drone gimbals and tether system are ideal for taking drone broadcasting, cinema, inspection, security and surveying applications to the next level.

Acecore professional VTOL drones

Neo – professional multirotor drone

Powerful heavy-lift drone for film-making, security and inspections

Acecore Neo Heavy Lift Drone

Neo is an advanced heavy-lift multirotor drone powered by eight motors, designed to easily handle bulky cameras and payloads for professional drone applications such as film-making, aerial surveying, SAR, security and inspections.

This adaptable and versatile multirotor drone features a modular Cube autopilot and Futaba radio controller. In addition, the George base station can be used to expand on the standard Futaba/ FrSky remote.

Neo’s state-of-the-art engineered carbon fibre body and weather-proofed design, coupled with a payload capacity of 9 kg (19.8 lbs), make it a rugged, never-fail solution for even the toughest missions.

Neo professional multirotor drone


Frame Dimensions (LxWxH)1107 x 1107 x 635 mm
Diameter with rotors1605 mm
Maximum takeoff weight19 kg/ 41.89 lbs
Maximum payload weight9 kg/ 19.84 lbs
Maximum flight time23 mins

Acecore Industrial Neo Heavy Lift Drone

Acecore Zoe Professional Drone

Zoe – portable quadcopter drone

Compact, foldable drone for commercial applications

Zoe – portable quadcopter drone

Zoe is a highly portable quadcopter drone with a foldable design for easy transportation and deployment. With a maximum payload capacity of 6.5kg and flight times of up to 40 minutes, it can field a variety of payloads for maximum mission flexibility.

The rugged all-weather waterproof construction and tough carbon fibre design make Zoe a highly dependable system, even in winds of up to 35 knots.

A triple redundancy autopilot option provides even greater reliability for autonomous missions, and an auto-deploy parachute system facilitates safe operation even in the rare event of a critical failure. The George base station can be used to expand on the standard Futaba/ FrSky remote.

Zoe is an ideal choice for Search & Rescue missions, emergency response, aerial inspections and surveying.

Zoe portable quadcopter VTOL drone


Frame Dimensions (LxWxH)700 x 700 x 495mm
700 x 300 x 270mm (folded)
Diameter with rotors1310 mm
Maximum takeoff weight11.95 kg / 26.35 lbs
Maximum payload weight6.5 kg/ 14.33 lbs
Maximum flight time40 mins

Acecore Quadcopter Zoe

Acecore aerial surveying drone

George – modular drone controller base

Drone ground control base station

Drone controller base station

George is a modular base station that allows drone pilots to expand the functionality of the standard Futuba and FrSky controllers, with up to three FPV displays or other modules. Capable of powering the controller and attachments through multiple flights, George provides a highly convenient way to control the drone and its payloads from one setup, doing away with the need for multiple controllers and inefficient switching.

With a lightweight carbon fibre construction and modular quick-release attachment system, George provides an ideal way to seamlessly transition from piloting to camera and payload operation and back with ease, facilitating a wide range of commercial and professional drone missions.

Gary – 3-axis drone camera gimbal

Gyro-stabilized EO/IR camera gimbal

Acecore Gary Drone Gimbal Camera

Gary is a dual-sensor EO/IR three-axis gyro-stabilized drone gimbal for detection and identification of people and objects at long range. The 30x optical zoom daylight sensor will pick out targets up to 4000m away, while the IR sensor allows drones to continue critical missions even after dark.

The high-performance payload is ideal for providing stable, vibration-free imagery for applications such as security, search & rescue and wildlife monitoring.

Drone Tether System

Unlimited endurance for secured drone operations

Acecore Drone Tether System

The Tether System enables long-duration missions for both our Neo and Zoe professional drone systems. The rugged Kevlar-core tether delivers continuous power with redundant backup as well as unjammable communications, high-speed data transfer and superior quality live imagery.

Unlimited hovering, with the ability to perform agile manoeuvres, and the swappable payloads on both Neo and Zoe open up a variety of persistent mission options for applications such as crowd control, traffic management, surveillance and post-disaster communications.

Persistent Drone Tether


Dimensions680 x 380 x 360 mm
Weight28 kg
Power input220-250 VAC
Tether length60m
Max uninterrupted flight time10 hours

Commercial Drone Applications

Cinematography & Broadcasting

Both our professional drone platforms, coupled with a wide range of cameras and imaging payloads, are ideal solutions for the needs of film-makers and live broadcasters. With all-weather capabilities, our equipment can be replied upon to provide smooth, high-quality shots.

Acecore drone for cinematography and broadcasting

Industrial Inspections

Using our professional drone solutions for your industrial inspection needs saves time, money and manpower; as well as decreasing risk. With quicker set-up times and unlimited viewing angles, drone inspections provide huge efficiency advantages over traditional manned methods.

Acecore drone for industrial inspections

Aerial Surveying

Aerial mapping and surveying with Acecore professional drones is faster and more accurate, even with high levels of vegetation cover. We have partnered with an expert LiDAR systems developer to create a fool-proof unmanned aerial surveying system to meet almost any surveying need.

Acecore heavy lift aerial surveying drone

Emergency Services

Our drones offer superior performance for critical, time-limited missions day or night in even the harshest of weather conditions. Stabilised gimbal payloads with high-tech optical zoom and IR capabilities provide vibration-free imagery for emergency response, and search and rescue operations.