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Acecore Demo of Noa Heavy-lift Hexacopter Drone

By Acecore Technologies / 22 Oct 2020
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Jorrit Linders from Acecore Technologies explains the different design choices and technological highlights of their Noa drone, a long endurance, hexacopter weatherproof drone.

Noa is a powerful heavy-lift hexacopter drone designed for experienced pilots looking to expand beyond the capabilities of their current systems. Ideal for aerial cinematography, LiDAR scanning and 3D mapping, Noa features a payload capacity of 20kg, with flight times of up to an hour.

With a modular payload quick release system and flexible battery options, professional users can balance payload and battery weight, providing optimal flight efficiency for specific missions. Advanced avionics and flight safety features include an ADS-B-ready transponder, an AES128 encrypted radio link, and a triple-redundant autopilot.

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