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Acecore to Supply UAS Platforms for Drone Developers

By Mike Ball / 15 Aug 2020
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Acecore Technologies drone developer program

Acecore Technologies has launched a new developer program to supply multirotor UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) subassemblies to third party developers looking for a bare bones platform upon which they can base a system that will allow them to get started in the drone market.

The Acecore Developer concept was formed as a response to increasing demand from developers for a stripped-down platform that could be used as a base for a variety of drone innovations. Companies that specialize in applications such as artificial intelligence, energy robotics or any other emerging markets can use the program to enter the UAV market without the need to build a new drone from scratch.

Acecore now offers pre-assembled bare-bones versions of its three UAS platforms – Neo, Zoe and Noa – that come supplied with the essential components pre-installed and calibrated, including the open-source Cube flight-controller. Under the program’s terms & conditions, developers can modify the drone’s hardware and software to fit their unique requirements, and can later sign an OEM agreement enabling them to distribute the final product under their own brand name.

All three Acecore developer platforms offer several mounting options that allow easy integration of third-party hardware. A wide variety of components are interchangeable, including batteries, landing gears and entire booms, as well as electronic systems such as the IMU, GPS and flight controller. The platforms provide sufficient space both internally and externally for additional sensors, antennas and embedded computing systems. Payloads connect to the drone through an internally-stabilized Gremsy quick release as standard.

Each Acecore Developer Kit (ACE-DK) comes as an unpainted, raw, carbon fiber drone with only the essential components installed, and any additional functionalities, modules or payloads should be installed by the developers themselves. To find out more about the different options offered by the Acecore Developer program, click here.

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