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Acecore Technologies Demonstrate Drone Gas Detection

By Acecore Technologies / 03 Dec 2019
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In this video Acecore Technologies demonstrate its advanced heavy-lift multirotor Neo Drone to detect gas leaks from a refinery. Oil and gas refineries and installations often have high security standards and in case of a gas leak, time and safety is of the essence. With Neo being an octocopter drone, it can still operate with up to two motors failing, a valuable feature in high-risk environments.

In this demonstration the Neo is able to carry a Workswell GIS320 gas detection camera into the air to inspect the area. The GIS320 offers a real-time overview of the area and the sensor recognizes over 100 different gases automatically, which will be presented as a black cloud. Otherwise invisible, this method quickly locates the gas leak. The palette and temperature reach can be set automatically or tweaked manually from the ground, even while flying.

The Acecore Neo / Workswell GIS320 combination can be ordered from Acecore directly.

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