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Walkthrough of Acecore Zoe Zetona

By Acecore Technologies / 12 Aug 2021
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In this video Acecore Technologies’ CEO Jorrit Linders provides a full walkthrough of their latest drone, the Zoe Zetona, a professional multirotor lightweight commercial drone with front-mounted payload.

Zoe Zetona is a portable, easy-to-deploy multirotor drone based on the proven Zoe platform. It features a unique 2-axis gimbal that allows payloads to be mounted in front of the drone’s body, providing operators with the ability to tilt the gimbal from 90 degrees upwards through to 90 degrees downwards.

The multirotor drone also introduces a new proprietary coaxial UAV motor that can be upgraded to a fully redundant propulsion system in addition to the standard quadcopter configuration.

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