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Heavy-Duty, Heavy Payload Drones for Industrial Inspections, Public Safety and Search & Rescue

Xer Technologies
Heavy-Duty, Heavy Payload Drones for Industrial Inspections, Public Safety and Search & Rescue
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Xer Technologies is a leading developer of multirotor heavy-duty drones for demanding commercial, industrial and public safety applications.

Our European-made industrial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms provide advanced mission capabilities and actionable insights with superior flight-time and payload capability compared to conventional UAVs at a fraction of the operating costs and carbon footprints of helicopters or manned aircraft. The UAV platforms are developed to meet high aerospace reliability and safety standards and to support complex and challenging Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions.

Heavy duty drone

X8 – Heavy-Duty Coaxial-Rotor Drone

Industrial UAV with hybrid power system

industrial inspection UAVThe X8 is a powerful multirotor drone that delivers a flight endurance of over 2.5 hours and payload capacity of up to 7kg.

Powered by a hybrid fuel-electric propulsion system, it is an ideal platform to extend your flight endurance and operating range beyond the capabilities of battery powered conventional drones.

The UAV platform design is based on several thousand hours of operational experience and meets the high aerospace reliability and safety standards in order to allow complex and challenging Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions.

Coaxial rotor drone

industrial multirotor drone

Heavy payload drone

The rugged hybrid-engine drone is engineered for high performance under highly challenging conditions, including rain, snow, sub-zero temperatures, and wind speeds of up to 35 knots. The lightweight carbon-fibre airframe features foldable quick-release arms for easy transport, and the system can be rapidly deployed and airborne in just two minutes.

Heavy duty drone

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Versatile configuration for multi-mission capability

The X8 platform can be customized to suit a wide range of operational requirements. With integrated mounting brackets and built-in power and communication connectors, the heavy payload drone can accommodate loadouts of single or multiple sensors and payloads, including:

  • EO/IR (electro-optical/infrared) imaging systems
  • LiDAR scanners
  • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) sensors
  • Ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Multispectral/hyperspectral sensors
  • Radioactivity and gas detectors
  • Extra fuel tanks for extended-range missions

The X8 can also be equipped with different communication options, including long-range RF (European or US-compliant), 4G cellular, and SATCOM (satellite communications).

Advanced safety features include integrated collision avoidance, an autonomously-deploying parachute system, and a backup battery for emergency landings. The X8 can be flown in EASA “Open” and “Specific” category.

emergency response drones

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BVLOS power line inspectionPower Line Inspections
The ultimate solution for BVLOS power line inspection, the X8 UAS is equipped with a high resolution camera and/or high precision LiDAR, making automated inspection of power lines and grids more reliable, effective and safer than ever before.

drone industrial inspectionIndustrial Inspections
Doing away with the need to change batteries every 20 minutes, our drones enable highly efficient industrial inspection, monitoring and fault-finding for large-scale infrastructure such as railroads, pipelines and powerlines.

search and rescue uavSearch and Rescue
With rapid deployment and enhanced flight endurance, our platforms are ideal SAR (search and rescue) UAVs, providing the ability to operate in extreme weather and hazardous terrain when time is of the essence. The heavy payload drones can also be used to drop a variety of critical items to people in need, including first aid kits, water, radios and inflatable life rafts.

public safety droneEmergency Response & Public Safety
Xer drones are ideal for law enforcement agencies and public safety departments, providing an efficient eye-in-the sky capability for operations such as surveillance, suspect tracking and evidence gathering while reducing risk to personnel.

disaster relief dronesAid & Disaster Relief
Our heavy duty UAVs can be deployed for urgent emergency response requirements in the aftermath of earthquakes, floods and other crises and natural disasters, to provide essential aerial intelligence as well as delivering crucial supplies and aid to people in need.

environmental monitoring dronesEnvironmental Monitoring
Xer’s versatile drones can be deployed in a wide range of terrain and equipped with combinations of payloads such as cameras, LiDAR and weather sensors to meet the needs of demanding environmental missions including erosion monitoring, anti-poaching, coastal mapping and more.

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