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Xer Partners with Australian Drone Solution Provider

Australia's Wedgetail Aerospace now offers long-range inspection services with the Xer X8, a heavy-duty unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) By Joe Macey / 08 May 2024
Xer Technologies Partners with Wedgetail Aerospace
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Xer Technologies has partnered with Wedgetail Aerospace, Australia’s leading drone solution provider. 

Wedgetail now offers long-range inspection services with the Xer X8, the company’s heavy-duty UAV capable of 2.5-hour flight time with 3kg payload. 

Powered by a hybrid fuel-electric propulsion system, the X8 is said to be the ideal platform to extend flight endurance and operating range beyond the capabilities of battery powered conventional drones.

The rugged industrial UAV platform is engineered for high performance under highly challenging conditions, including rain, snow, sub-zero temperatures, and wind speeds of up to 35 knots. Applications include industrial inspections, search and rescue, and environmental monitoring.

Key features

Thanks to its long flight time, heavy payload, and BVLOS capability, the Xer X8 provides the high-quality inspection data that energy and utility companies need – easier, faster, and more reliable than previous methods. 

Upcoming demonstrations

Together with Wedgetail, Xer Technologies will conduct demonstrations in selected locations in Australia in late June and early July.

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