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Agreement for Heavy Duty Hybrid Electric UAV Distribution

Volatus Aerospace and Xer Technologies have signed an agreement for distribution of heavy duty hybrid electric engine UAVs, ideal for SAR, wildfire, and mapping uses, in North America By Abi Wylie / 25 Jun 2024
Agreement for Heavy Duty Hybrid Electric UAV Distribution
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Xer Technologies has signed a sales agency agreement with Volatus Aerospace Corp. to offer Xer’s heavy duty hybrid electric engine drones in North America.

The Xer X8 UAV is designed to take on demanding industry applications such as right of way and asset inspections, search and rescue, wildfire and LiDAR and photogrammetry mapping and can fly for 2.5-hours with a 3 kg payload in adverse weather conditions.

Volatus will be conducting demos beginning late July 2024, and showcasing the Xer X8 UAS at APSCON in Houston July 31st to August 2nd.

Rob Walker, COO of Volatus Aerospace, said; “With the demand for longer missions from our oil and gas, energy utilities, and rail clients, the requirement of a drone with this type of endurance under regulation weight is essential. 

“With 2.5 hours of flight time, this not only enables us to fly farther and longer with heavier payloads, but it makes the case more compelling for remote operations.”

Gökmen Çetin, International Sales Manager of Xer Technologies, also commented; “We were drawn to Volatus’ track record at helping OEMs bring their products to new markets both as a service provider and as a distributor.

“Their knowledge and industry penetration will put the Xer X8 directly in front of the relevant customers. We are excited about what we will accomplish together.”

Dean Attridge, VP of Solutions Engineering, added; “There is a separation that needs to be filled between the smaller, enterprise level UAS drones used for today’s visual line of sight operations and the larger, complex operations, which require greater endurance and additional payload capacity.

“Xer X8 UAS addresses that need by providing a high-endurance heavy-duty solution that bridges that gap between traditional aviation and remotely piloted aircraft.”

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