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Gas Detection and the Xer X8 UAS

The X8 UAS from Xer Technologies is a complete solution for automated, long-range drone gas detection, able to detect leaks of greenhouse gases effectively and safely By Abi Wylie / 31 May 2024
Gas Detection and the Xer X8 UAS
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Xer Technologies X8 UAS is the company’s state-of-the-art drone platform, designed for efficient gas leak detection over large areas to improve environmental accountability. Read more >>

The challenges of cutting greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and enhancing safety in the oil and gas industry is made far easier when aerial gas detection utilised.

The Xer X8 UAS is equipped with advanced gas detection sensors, like Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras or Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) gas detectors, and as a result is a crucial and efficient solution for identifying and quantifying gas emissions.

In the full article, Xer outline why gas emission detection is important and discusses the capabilities of their own highly flexible platform for gas emission detection sensors in more detail, including:

  • Efficiency and cost reductions with the Xer X8 UAS
  • Minimising safety risks with drone gas pipeline inspection
  • Empowering decision-making with precision data
  • Seamless integration and advanced automation
  • Excel in challenging missions
  • Impressive adaptability for diverse inspection needs
Gas Detection and the Xer X8 UAS

Xer X8 UAS can be a key custom solution for enhanced gas detection — it is customisable, with various sensor options to suit specific operational requirements. It is equipped to handle demanding tasks, and ensures that operations contribute positively to sustainability goals.

Read the full article to watch the video, or visit the Xer Technologies website to find out more.

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