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Aerial Wildfire Management Solution Launched

Xer and Workswell have integrated the Wiris Enterprise with the Xer X8 UAV, elevating drone performance in wildfire management, thermodiagnostic inspection, and security applications By Abi Wylie / 08 Jul 2024
Aerial Wildfire Management Solution Launched
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Xer Technologies AG and Workswell have successfully integrated the Wiris Enterprise for use with the Xer X8 UAV platform

This collaboration marks an advancement in wildfire management technology, offering improved capabilities in early detection, rapid response and strategic wildfire management.

With the paired capabilities of the Xer X8 and the Workswell Wiris Enterprise, wildfire management teams can leverage real-time data streaming and control, enabling them to monitor vast areas, assess hotspots, and make informed decisions swiftly and accurately.

The combination of Xer X8’s long-duration flight capabilities and Workswell’s advanced thermal imaging technology elevates the standards of drone performance in critical applications such as:

  • Wildfire Management: Early detection and continuous monitoring of fire-prone areas, allowing for quicker intervention and strategic resource allocation.
  • Thermodiagnostic Inspection: Precise inspection of solar panels, oil & gas pipelines and critical infrastructure to detect potential faults and prevent system failures.
  • Security Applications: Enhanced surveillance and security measures through detailed thermal imaging.

Workswell is a leader in infrared imaging systems, while Xer is a Swiss manufacturer of long-endurance hybrid-electric drones.

Gökmen Çetin, International Sales Manager at Xer, commented; “Integrating Xer’s UAV platform with Workswell’s thermal technology equips firefighters with early fire detection, ongoing monitoring, and data insight for rapid decision-making. 

“The high-resolution radiometric LWIR sensor in the Wiris Enterprise can see through smoke, providing a precise, real-time tool for observing fire and smoke dynamics. This advanced sensor technology ensures that firefighters have the critical visual information needed to assess and respond to evolving fire situations effectively.”

Tomas Faltus, Head of International Sales at Workswell, added; “With its robust design and impressive 2.5-hour endurance, the Xer X8 UAV revolutionizes firefighting operations. This powerful drone allows firefighters to cover extensive areas and maintain situational awareness over extended periods, ensuring rapid and informed responses. 

“The combination of our sensor technologies with the UAV’s capabilities provides a comprehensive solution for effective fire management in extreme conditions.”

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