Hybrid VTOL Fixed Wing UAV for Autonomous Mapping, Surveillance, Inspection and VTOL Cargo Applications

Hybrid VTOL Fixed Wing UAV for Autonomous Mapping, Surveillance, Inspection and VTOL Cargo Applications
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DeltaQuad is a leading developer of Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial and professional applications.

The UAVs are constructed from high-quality components, including aerospace-grade wiring and military-grade connectors, and are rigorously tested under extreme conditions.

Hybrid VTOL Fixed Wing UAV

DeltaQuad VTOL UAV

Fully-Electric Fixed Wing Autonomous VTOL drones

autonomous vtol drones

The DeltaQuad Pro series of fully electric UAVs is designed for high stability in both quadcopter and fixed wing mode, transitioning smoothly between the two and providing flight times of up to 110 minutes and operational ranges of up to 100 km. The unmanned aircraft feature fully autonomous operation from takeoff to landing, with communications options providing up to 50 km radio range, or potentially unlimited range using VPN secured mobile networks.

Based around the open-source PX4 professional autopilot firmware and Pixhawk flight controller ecosystem, the DeltaQuad platform is highly customizable with constantly tested and updated avionics. With a 1.2kg payload capacity, DeltaQuad Pro can field a wide variety of payloads, including image and video cameras, environmental sampling sensors, and custom integrations.

fixed wing vtol drone
fixed wing hybrid vtol
deltaquad vtol uas

Each DeltaQuad UAV is supplied with flight simulator software that allows users to test-fly potential missions and get acquainted with the ground control station before flying under real-world conditions. Other software tools provided for the DeltaQuad platform include an online flight log visualization system and a Mission Validator that allows pilots to ensure that a mission plan follows best practices and is safe to fly.hybrid vtol fixed wing

DeltaQuad VTOL UAV

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DeltaQuad Models

DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO

Versatile cargo VTOL UAV for Transport or Customization

cargo drone

The DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO is an industrial-grade VTOL fixed-wing UAV designed for cargo transport and integration of custom payloads. Featuring a large payload bay directly over the centre of gravity of the aircraft, the rugged aircraft is constructed from EPO plastic foam, giving it high resistance to impact.

The unique payload bay mechanism, allowing the drone to drop cargo with or without parachutes, can be programmed to release as part of an autonomous flight plan, or directly remote controlled via the GCS. The bay can hold packages measuring up to 15 x 10 x 9 cm and weighing up to 1 kg.

DeltaQuad Pro #MAP

VTOL mapping UAV for Agriculture, Mining and Construction

mapping drone

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP is a commercial-grade VTOL fixed-wing mapping UAV with a fully integrated payload mount that fits a variety of high-grade camera payloads from leading manufacturers including Sony and Micasense.

The aircraft is fitted with a toughened Asahi Dragontail glass window in the bottom of the payload bay, protecting camera payloads from dust or damage during takeoff and landing. Covering up to 1200 hectares in a single flight, the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP can achieve a resolution of 3cm/px, with centimetre-level accuracy available with a PPK payload option.

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DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW

VTOL UAS for Surveillance

surveillanace drone

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW is a commercial-grade VTOL fixed-wing UAV for high-end surveillance applications, with a variety of payload package options ranging from static RGB cameras to controllable EO/IR gimbals, all matched with a carefully selected video transmission system for optimal quality and range.

The fully autonomous or remote-controlled DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW features a flight endurance of up to 110 minutes, with the ability to cover up to 100 km in a single flight.

Surveillance Drone Package

Three surveillance payload options are available, each providing unique features and capabilities:

drone camera

Static nose camera solution

Nextvision X80

NextVision X80 long range EO stabilized camera

Nextvision Nighthawk2-V

NextVision Nighthawk2-V EO-IR stabilized camera

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DeltaQuad Evo

New-age eVTOL UAV

DeltaQuad Evo eVTOL UAV

The most recent release from DeltaQuad is the Evo – a new-age eVTOL UAV. Designed for businesses and governments, the Evo stand out in two regards – its payload flexibility and endurance. It comes with the option of integrating up to two single or one double payload. This allows combining sensors for multiple uses in one flight or even carrying an extra battery to fly for up to 4.5 hours.

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Mapping Drones for Agriculture & ForestryAgriculture & Forestry

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP VTOL UAS is an ideal platform for agriculture and forestry, capturing data with state-of-the-art sensors and providing results that can be used for critical actionable intelligence. Orthomosaic maps and 3D models can be created with cameras up to 61 MP in resolution, and the Micasense RedEdge MX provides multispectral imaging for precision information on plant health.

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Surveying Drones for GeospatialGeospatial

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP delivers CM level accurate high resolution geospatial information. Acquire GIS data and imagery from a turn-key UAV solution that can cover large areas and takeoff and land anywhere. The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP will take off, survey the indicated area and return for landing completely autonomous.

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Drone Solutions for Oil and GasOil & Gas

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW can autonomously survey up to 100km of pipeline and monitor remote sites at up to 50km away, detecting defects, leaks, corrosion and hazards with high resolution thermal and RGB video. The system can also fly predefined corridors with automatic terrain following.

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Fixed Wing VTOL Drones for Utilities InspectionsUtilities & Infrastructure

In a single flight, the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW can survey up to 100KM of power lines, water pipes railways or roads, or up to 1000 ha of solar panels, providing remote monitoring at distances of up to 50 km away. Combined thermal and RGB video capabilities provide damage, fault and hazard detection as well as water leak and vegetation monitoring.

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VTOL Drones for Mining and ConstructionMining & Construction

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP provides a range of advantages for mining and construction applications, delivering high resolution geospatial information with centimetre-level accuracy. This information can be used to create orthomosaic maps and 3D quarry models, calculate volume stockpiles, and more.

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Surveillance Drones for Defense and SecuritySecurity & Defense

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW is highly suited to aerial reconnaissance missions, providing live thermal and HD RGB video with a transmission range of up to 30 km, or unlimited range using a mobile network. The platform’s VTOL operation allows it to be deployed in almost any environment, with a setup time of just two minutes.

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Drones for Humanitarian and WildlifeHumanitarian Deliveries & Wildlife

The DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO can transport goods to and from remote areas, with the ability to take off and land even in highly confined terrain. With a payload capacity of 1.2 kg, it can be used to deliver vital cargo including medical supplies, blood samples and nutritional aid.

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW provides a multitude of essential capabilities for rangers and wildlife professionals. The RGB and thermal imaging camera can be used for anti-poaching missions, to detect and observe wildfires, to track animals and to provide aerial reconnaissance in dangerous areas.

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