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Ziyan UAS
Electric Unmanned Helicopters & Supporting Unmanned Aircraft Equipment
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Ziyan UAS is a leading manufacturer of electric unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian and industrial applications. We provide both commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom solutions based on our proprietary electric unmanned helicopter and hybrid VTOL platforms, with options including tethered systems, GCS (ground control stations), data and video links, dual- and quad-sensor gimbals, and autonomy and swarming capabilities.

We pride ourselves on our strong R&D capabilities and our well-established supply chains and ties to the UAV industry. Our helicopter UAVs are employed in a wide range of sectors, including offshore operations, oil and gas inspection, disaster management, and emergency response.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Ranger P2X Unmanned Helicopter

Long Endurance Electric Unmanned Helicopter

Ranger P2-X Unmanned Helicopter Reconnaissance Drones

The Ranger P2X is a highly versatile electric unmanned helicopter that has been specially designed to operate in complex environments such as mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Featuring a flight time of up to 120 minutes and an encrypted datalink with a range of up to 30km, it is ideal for high-precision imaging, detection and monitoring missions.

Long Endurance UAV

The aircraft features a modular quick-disassembly design that allows it to be disassembled in just three minutes and packed into a bag for easy transport. It can be equipped with a variety of payloads for multi-mission flexibility, including a 30x zoom EO gimbal with laser rangefinder, a 130 dB loudspeaker, and a high-illumination searchlight. The platform is also equipped with an intelligent autonomous obstacle avoidance module for enhanced safety.

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Falcon 10 Unmanned Helicopter

Electrically Powered Portable Unmanned Helicopter

unmanned aircraft

The Falcon 10 is a small portable electric unmanned helicopter featuring a unique folding design that allows convenient single-handed operation and quick and easy assembly, deployment and disassembly.

Portable Unmanned Helicopter

The helicopter UAV can be provided with a wide range of payloads, including EO, multispectral and hyperspectral cameras, searchlights, lifebuoys, and megaphones. It can also be integrated with custom third-party equipment to suit specific mission requirements.

Unmanned Helicopter

The Falcon 10 is also equipped with an intelligent autonomous obstacle avoidance module that enables it to fly safely in highly complex environments.

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Blowfish A4 Unmanned Helicopter

Multi-Mission Heavy Payload Helicopter UAV

Blowfish A4 Unmanned Helicopter

The Blowfish A4 is a fully electric multi-mission unmanned helicopter designed to carry out BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operations in demanding land-based or marine environments. With a detachable tail section and foldable landing gear, the versatile helicopter UAV is easy to transport, store and deploy.Blowfish A4 Unmanned Helicopter

The next-generation aircraft features significant upgrades over its predecessor, including enhanced shock absorption, improved redundancy, and increased payload capacity. Able to withstand winds up to Level 7, it can take off and land from moving vehicles or vessels.

The Blowfish A4 has a carrying capacity of up to 15 kg, and can be equipped with a wide variety of payloads, such as triple- and quad-sensor camera gimbals, hyperspectral and multispectral cameras, LiDAR scanners, firefighting equipment, searchlights and more.

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Shadow S3 Unmanned Helicopter

Portable long-endurance helicopter UAV

Shadow S3 Unmanned Helicopter

The Shadow S3 is a next-generation unmanned helicopter featuring a streamlined design with ducted tail rotor and a lightweight carbon fiber-based structure. The highly portable system can be easily disassembled tool-free and carried in a backpack.

The long-endurance helicopter UAV provides flight times of up to 100 minutes, maximizing range and efficiency. It can be equipped with a wide range of payloads for true multi-mission capabilities, including a tri-sensor gimbal camera, a megaphone and a powerful spotlight.

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Grey Whale G1

Heavy-lift cargo delivery helicopter UAV

Grey Whale G1 Heavy-lift cargo delivery helicopter UAV

The Grey Whale G1 is a cargo delivery UAV specifically designed to solve the problem of accessing difficult-to-reach locations such as mountainous regions. With the ability to perform VTOL operations from a low logistical footprint, it is ideal for transporting emergency and medical supplies, engineering materials, spare parts and more.

The versatile platform can lift up to 21 kg, and supports both cargo box and sling transport modes. The modular fuselage can be quickly dismantled and the landing gear folded for easier transportation.

Find out more about the Grey Whale G1 heavy-lift helicopter UAV

QL Long Endurance VTOL Tandem Wing UAV

Hybrid VTOL Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aircraft

The QL is a high-performance hybrid VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) UAV with a tandem-wing design, combining the maneuverability advantages of a multirotor with the longer endurance and higher speeds of a fixed-wing aircraft. With no requirement for a runway, the aircraft is ideal for operating in mountainous areas, plateaus, and other areas with complex terrain.

tandem wing UAV

Mounting the engine propeller on the tail of the fuselage makes the aircraft more aerodynamic, decreasing air resistance whilst increasing thrust. The rear-engine design frees up additional space for large payloads within the fuselage. The payload cabin can also be modified to accommodate specific mission requirements and payload dimensions.

The QL can be equipped with a large variety of payloads to support use cases such as public security, surveillance, aerial mapping, disaster management, situational awareness, logistics and delivery, and search and rescue.

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Additional Options

Video Relay Distribution Box

Multiple live video feed system for enhanced situational awareness
Video relay system

The Video Relay Distribution Box is a rugged portable system that can receive live video feeds from multiple UAVs and relay them back to the command centre, providing enhanced real-time situational awareness for superior decision-making in emergency situations.

All video feeds are re-encoded for maximum stability and security, and flexible transmission protocols and built-in routing management are provided. The highly intuitive system requires next to no setup and supports a wide variety of input and output codecs.

CT03 30X Tri-Sensor Pod

Triple-sensor UAV EO/IR gimbal with laser rangefinder
Tri Sensor GImbal for UAV

The CT03 is a triple-sensor UAV gimbal system that combines EO (electro-optical) and IR (infrared) cameras with a laser rangefinder. Stabilized in three axes, the gimbal uses conductive slip rings to achieve 360° continuous rotation. It dampens all vibrations experienced during intensive flight manoeuvres, stabilizing the video feed and providing smooth output.

The compact and lightweight sensor gimbal is ideal for a wide range of tasks including imaging, detecting, identifying, tracking, ranging and positioning. It can be mounted on a range of UAVs as well as USVs (uncrewed surface vessels) and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) to meet the requirements of missions such as aerial mapping, surveying, inspection and surveillance.

CF01 30X/10X Quad-Sensor Pod

Quad-sensor drone EO/IR gimbal with laser rangefinder

Quad Sensor Gimbal for drones

The CF01 is a quad-sensor UAV gimbal system that combines 30x and 10x EO cameras with an IR imager and a laser rangefinder. Stabilized in three axes, the gimbal uses conductive slip rings to achieve 300° continuous rotation. It dampens all vibrations experienced during intensive flight manoeuvres, stabilizing the video feed and providing smooth output.

The compact and lightweight sensor gimbal is ideal for a wide range of tasks including imaging, detecting, identifying, tracking, ranging and positioning. It can be mounted on a range of UAVs as well as USVs and UGVs to meet the requirements of missions such as aerial mapping, surveying, inspection and surveillance.

Tethered System

Drone tether system for persistent operations
Tethering Power System for UAVs and drones

Ziyan’s Tethering Power System combines a UAV with a tether system and base station, providing continuous power and enabling the aircraft to stay in the air for longer periods of time independent of on-board batteries.

The system provides 110m of tether cable weighing 1.8kg as standard, and can be customized according to specific requirements. The unit displays key information that makes it easy for the operator to monitor the aircraft’s status in real time.

The Tethered Power System enables a wide range of persistent applications, including surveillance, long-duration monitoring, emergency communications, traffic management, environmental inspection, scientific research and more.

More information: Tethered System >>

Mobile Landing Module

Autonomous take-off, landing and vehicle following

Mobile Landing Module

Ziyan’s mobile landing module allows UAVs to autonomously and accurately take off from, follow, and land on mobile platforms and vehicles.

The system combines ground base station positioning with onboard visual processing technology, enabling precise and effortless operation from land vehicles as well as sea vessels, and greatly expanding the use cases and capabilities of UAVs equipped with the module.

More information: Mobile Landing Module >>

Intelligent Drone Swarming Module

UAV swarm intelligence for autonomous cooperation

Ziyan’s  UAV Swarm intelligence module utilizes advanced self-organizing algorithms and continuous real-time communication to enable multiple UAVs to cooperate autonomously, undertaking complex tasks without centralized command and control.

UAV Swarm Intelligence

The intelligent swarm system maintains synchronization between all unmanned aircraft within the network, enabling real-time dynamic formations with sophisticated collision avoidance. A wide range of tasks can be carried out with as little human intervention as possible.

Ziyan GCS

Rugged UAS ground control stations

Ziyan’s GCS (ground control stations) for UAS are rugged mil-spec command centers for unmanned aircraft, featuring rugged thumbstick controls and available in three variations:

  • Handheld GCS
  • Dual-screen GCS laptop
  • Tri-screen GCS laptop

All versions are highly portable and include all necessary software for real-time command, control and communications. Software features include telemetry data display, mission planning, flight control, failsafes, and access to aircraft settings and parameters.

portable handheld GCS
Portable handheld GCS
dual screen GCS laptop
Dual-screen GCS laptop
tri screen GCS laptop
Tri-screen GCS laptop

ZY-DA15A UAV Datalink

Integrated drone data and video link
Data link for UAV

The ZY-DA15A UAV video and data link provides high bandwidth for long-range data transmission on the 1.4 GHz band, using OFDM and TDD wireless technology and supporting mesh networking. The system has been designed with robust anti-interference capabilities.

The unit features four independent network ports, allowing multiple cameras and network devices to be connected and four data streams to be broadcast simultaneously. A UDP connection can be used to obtain serial port data, and during swarm operations, all nodes can send and receive serial data via mesh networking.

CB03 Auto-Tracking Antenna

Directional tracking antenna for UAV ground stations

Ziyan’s CB03 auto-tracking base station uses a high-gain directional tracking antenna to ensure constant and highly stable connection with the UAV without the need for manual adjustment.

Auto Tracking Antenna

The system features a quick-release design that can be installed or removed quickly and easily. The built-in high-precision positioning module provides all the functionality of both static and dynamic RTK base stations.

Antenna direction is adjusted automatically in real time according to the position of the aircraft, with a tracking speed of up to 50°/s. The high-gain directional antenna ensures long-distance communications at up to 30 kilometres.


Offshore Operations

Offshore UAV operations

Level 7 Wind Resistance
Ziyan’s helicopter UAVs feature a unique variable propeller pitch capability, providing them with enhanced maneuverability and smooth flight with wind resistance up to Level 7.

Long- Range Communication
Thanks to BVLOS capabilities, operators can monitor the activity of ships and other marine and offshore assets within a 30km radius without needing to physically change their position.

A-B Point Control Switching
The command center can quickly react to events on the real-time video feed and assign tasks or hand over control to on-site operators. Operators can upload mission requirements with a single click and share on-site data with each member of the team simultaneously.

Quick Deployment for Improved Efficiency
Ziyan unmanned aircraft can be deployed quickly and are ready for take-off within a few minutes. Thanks to fast flight speeds, UAVs can reach their desired target locations rapidly.

Video Surveillance
All Ziyan unmanned helicopters can hover precisely in mid-air, making them ideal for capturing surveillance images and video. Ziyan’s platforms have been utilized by maritime law enforcement for evidence collection and monitoring illegal activities.

Dynamic Takeoff, Landing and Following
Ziyan unmanned aircraft can autonomously take off from, follow, and land on moving vessels, eliminating the risk of human error during precise maneuvers.

infrastructure inspections

powerline inspections

Power Line Inspection
Ziyan UAVs are able to monitor and inspect locations that are unreachable by humans, thanks to long-range command, control and communications. This makes them an ideal tool for dealing with emergency failures of power grids, providing autonomous inspection of multiple failures simultaneously and rapid real-time analysis with high accuracy and efficiency.

Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency
The use of Ziyan UAVs for transmission line inspection can greatly reduce costs, and allows operators to overcome difficulties such as road obstacles and harsh weather. Inspections can be carried out by a single operator, reducing manpower requirements.

24-Hour Health Monitoring
Ziyan UAVs, in conjunction with the Tethered Power System, can be used for persistent power line health monitoring. Thermal imaging can be used to monitor the temperature of the power lines, and video feeds can be transmitted back to the command center in real time.

Disaster Management

Gas Leak Detection
One of the most dangerous outcomes of many disasters is leakage of large concentrations of gas that is not detectable with the naked eye. Ziyan UAVs can be fitted with gas analyzer payloads for remote detection and determining if the leaked gas is either toxic or highly flammable.

Monitoring and Tracking
Ziyan UAVs can be used in conjunction with the Video Relay Distribution Box to provide real-time monitoring and tracking for firefighters, first responders and emergency personnel working in rapidly-changing disaster zones.

Search & Rescue
Ziyan UAVs can be equipped with a megaphone payload that enables operators to relay instructions during rescue operations. They can also carry a variety of crucial equipment such as breathing apparatus, lifebuoys, rescue ropes, and medicine.

Plateaus and Mountainous Area

VTOL Capabilities for Small Spaces
Mountainous areas and plateaus are limited in runway space, making it difficult to operate traditional fixed-wing drone platforms. The compact footprint of Ziyan UAVs, along with their manual and autonomous VTOL capabilities, makes them ideal for operations in such harsh environments.

Strong Power and Wind Resistance
The variable pitch design, high manoeuvrability, stable flight and speed adaptive nature of Ziyan UAVs results in stable flight during extreme environmental conditions and in strong winds up to level 7.

A-B Point Control Switching
The A-B point control switching enables control of a single aircraft to be handed over between ground control stations in two different regions. This enables operations over wide areas to be carried out by just one UAV.

BVLOS Operations
The integrated datalink module in Ziyan UAVs extends data communication and video transmission to distances of up to 30km. Combined with long endurances, this enables vast distances and areas to be covered in a single flight.

Emergency response

Quick Deployment
Immediate reaction is one of the most necessary elements during emergencies. The quick deployment times of Ziyan UAVs make them ideal for responding to emergency situations. Moreover, less requirements for take-off enables Ziyan UAVs to immediately arrive at the scene.

Monitoring Situations Anytime and Anywhere
Remote transmission of real-time video from integrated aerial and ground systems expands the value of unmanned applications to facilitate rapid decision-making at all levels of command, and improves the efficiency of emergency departments.

Real Time Effective Response
Disasters and emergencies pose complications that make it challenging for human personnel to carry out search, rescue and other investigations. Complex disaster conditions vastly reduce the intensity and impact of emergency investigations of geological disasters. Ziyan UAVs are effective in rapidly composing on-site information that in turn provides command with reliable and on-ground information to make informed decisions.

The Ziyan unmanned helicopter supports dual sensor cameras, night vision cameras, police/fire safety strobe lights, megaphones, searchlights, fire extinguishers and other accessories as payloads. The modular design makes the switching of payloads quick and easy, and payloads can be adapted and changed quickly according to different mission requirements.

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