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Grey Whale G1 Heavy-lift cargo delivery helicopter UAV
Grey Whale G1

Heavy-lift cargo delivery helicopter UAV

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Grey Whale G1

The Grey Whale G1 is a cargo delivery UAV specifically designed to solve the problem of accessing difficult-to-reach locations such as mountainous regions, islands, and high-altitude areas. With the ability to perform VTOL operations from a low logistical footprint, it is ideal for transporting emergency and medical supplies, engineering materials, and spare parts, and can land under challenging conditions that other platforms are unable to handle.

The versatile platform can lift up to 21 kg, and supports both cargo box and sling transport modes. The modular fuselage can be quickly dismantled and the landing gear folded for easier transportation. The Grey Whale G1 is equipped with a built-in parachute system for safe emergency landings.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 998 x 157 x 442 mm (without rotor blades)
Max Payload 21 kg
Service Ceiling 6000 m
Max Endurance 65 mins
Flight Range 60 km unloaded
Wind Resistance Level 7