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CB03 Auto-Tracking Antenna UAV Ground Base Station
CB03 Auto-Tracking Antenna

UAV Ground Base Station

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CB03 Auto-Tracking Antenna

Ziyan CB03 tracking base station adopts a high-gain directional tracking antenna. It possesses ability to automatically adjust orientation of antenna according to position of the aircraft, ensuring constant connection without having to manually adjust orientation of the antenna, and greatly improving stability of the communication link with the aircraft.

The fixed support device adopts a quick-release design, which can be installed and removed in a short period of time. Its built-in high-precision positioning module can realize the functions of RTK (real-time kinematics) static base station and dynamic base station.

The direction of antenna is adjusted automatically in real time according to position of the aircraft, with a tracking speed up to 50°/s. High-gain directional antenna ensures 30km long-distance communication without manual adjustment of the antenna direction.


Battery 4H (Dual battery)
Operating Frequency 1360-1450MHz
Tracking Range 360° (2-dimensional)
Tracking Speed 50°/s
Tracking Error ≤5°
Tracking Latency <200ms
Communication Distance ≥30km
Capacity 10050mAh
Voltage 7.4V
Battery Type LiPo
Energy 74.4wh
External Interface Function button*1, Airline plug*2, RJ45*2, Type-C*1, USB2.0*2 USB3.0*1, HDMI*1, Power input*1, Battery input*2
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C