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Falcon 10 Unmanned Helicopter Electrically Powered Portable Unmanned Helicopter
Falcon 10 Unmanned Helicopter

Electrically Powered Portable Unmanned Helicopter

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Falcon 10 Unmanned Helicopter

The Falcon 10 is a small sized unmanned helicopter which is electrically powered. It possesses high mobility and it can execute extreme and abrupt flight maneuvers. Falcon 10 unmanned helicopter has a portable folding design which makes it convenient for a single operator to handle the helicopter. This portability allows for quick and easy assembly/disassembly which in turn caters to quick deployment of the helicopter, making it ready for take-off within a few minutes. The Falcon 10 unmanned helicopter system, including the ground control station, is entirely user friendly.

The Falcon 10 UAS is equipped with a variety of standard payload configurations, such as tri-sensor/dual sensor camera, multi-spectral camera, hyper-spectral camera, tilt camera, searchlight, lifebuoy, and megaphone. Other mission specific payloads can also be integrated according to requirements. The unmanned helicopter is also equipped with an intelligent obstacle avoidance module which detects obstacles within a specified range, and enables the helicopter to autonomously avoid the obstacle.

The Falcon-10 is capable of taking flight in complex environments which enables it to execute different mission scenarios effectively. Falcon-10 UAS meets the operation requirements for public security, emergency, disaster management, search and rescue, situational awareness, border defense and many more.


Dimensions Without rotor blades: 1655*565*580mm
Max Take-off Weight 25kg
UAV Weight 10.6kg
Max Payload 7kg
Cruising Speed 60-90km/h (max 130km/h)
Wind Resistance Level 7 (wind speed 17m/s)
Endurance 50 min (without payload)
Max Operating ASL Altitude 5100m
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +55°C