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CT03 30X Tri-Sensor Pod UAV Camera Solution
CT03 30X Tri-Sensor Pod

UAV Camera Solution

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CT03 30X Tri-Sensor Pod

The CT03 is a tri-sensor camera which is comprised of EO (electro-optical), IR (infrared) and LRF (laser rangefinder) sensors. The CT03 POD adopts a three-axis stable platform and conductive slip rings to achieve 360° continuous rotation. The gimbal for CT03 dampens all the vibrations which are experienced during intense flight maneuvers. This dampening stabilizes the feed and gives a smooth video output.

CT03 POD is primarily used for imaging, detecting, identifying, tracking, ranging and positioning to meet the requirements of aerial mapping, health monitoring, surveying, inspections and surveillance.

CT03 POD is compact, lightweight, reliable, and can be assembled on various types of aircrafts, as well as on ships and ground vehicles to meet the requirements of air, sea and ground.


Dimensions 130*130*194mm
Weight 900g
Lens Type Visible Light + Thermal Imager + Laser Rangefinder
EO Focal Length 4.3 ~ 129mm
IR Focal Length 25mm
IR Detector Pixels 640x512
LRF Wavelength 905nm
Measurement Range 3 ~ 1000m
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Sensor 1/2.8" Exmor R CMOS sensor