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ZY-DA15A UAV Datalink Integrated Data and Video Link for UAVs
ZY-DA15A UAV Datalink

Integrated Data and Video Link for UAVs

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ZY-DA15A UAV Datalink

ZY-DA15A UAV data link is a data communication module for unmanned aircrafts independently developed by Ziyan. It supports the broadband data transmission link of MESH networking. ZY-DA15A uses OFDM and TDD wireless technology, and it has large bandwidth and long distance for transmitting data. The communication frequency uses the dedicated 1.4G frequency band of industrial drones, with strong anti-interference ability.

Serial ports of the airborne side and ground side are mutually transparently transmitted, and support the function of network transfer. UDP connection can be used to obtain serial port data and support swarm connection. In the same mesh network, the serial ports of all nodes can communicate with each other. Any serial port can send data and all serial ports can receive data.

It has four independent network ports, hence multiple network devices can be connected, such as connecting four network cameras, and transmitting four channels of video at the same time.


Dimensions 98*57*18mm
Communication Band 1360-1460MHz
Communication Bandwidth 20/40MHz
Communication Rate 5-30Mbps
Modulation Method OFDM
Transmission Power 17-30dBm (50-1000mW)
Reception Sensitivity -90dBM@10Mbps
Standard Communication Distance 15km (extendable to 30km)
Supply voltage 8.4 ~ 13V
Power consumption 3W
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +85°C