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Intelligent Swarm Module UAV Swarm Intelligence
Intelligent Swarm Module

UAV Swarm Intelligence

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Intelligent Swarm Module

UAV Swarm intelligence utilizes self-organizing mechanism of nature to enable multiple unmanned aircrafts, autonomously, to produce a network through continuous real time communication and achieve a high degree of autonomous cooperation without having a centralized command and control.

The intelligent swarm maintains synchronization between all unmanned aircrafts within the swarm network, keeps them organized, avoids crashing into each other and provides for real time dynamic formation. The intelligent swarm system achieves the desired mission objectives with as little personnel intervention as possible.


Number of UAVs 15 units
Formation Spacing ≥10m
Swarm Flight Mode Manual flight, fixed-point flight, automatic route flight, attack flight
Real-Time Grouping Support
Real-Time Formation Horizontal, vertical, triangular, square, inverted V, positive V, circling formation
Target Change Support (real time)