Fixed-Wing Hybrid Drones for Long-Range Medical Package Delivery & Infrastructure Inspections

Fixed-Wing Hybrid Drones for Long-Range Medical Package Delivery & Infrastructure Inspections
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Gadfin is a leading developer of state-of-the-art VTOL fixed-wing hybrid drones for long-range delivery and inspection applications. Our advanced UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology delivers unparalleled performance at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft and helicopter operations, while providing the utmost in safety and reliability.

Long-Range Drones for Deliveries & Inspections

Gadfin’s innovative VTOL fixed-wing UAV platforms are powered by a unique combination of cutting-edge technologies:

Folding Wings: our versatile platforms switch seamlessly between VTOL and forward flight modes, combining the manoeuvrability and small operational footprint of multirotors with the efficiency of fixed-wing drones.

electric drone with folding wings

Aerodynamic Optimization: our team of highly experienced world-class aerospace engineers utilize custom software, extensive wind tunnel testing and surface analytics to achieve superior aerodynamic performance.

Hydrogen Power: our fully electric drones combine LiPo batteries with energy-dense fuel cells, making them zero-emissions and low-noise, as well as boosting flight endurance.

fixed wing hybrid drones

Aviation Safety: Gadfin drones are equipped with a variety of critical safety measures, including detect-and-avoid, ADS-B, emergency parachutes, Remote ID, and redundant hardware.

Weather-Resistant: our long-range UAVs are IP65-rated, protecting them against rain, dust and wind.

Automated Ground Station for hydrogen-electric dronesOur advanced Automated Ground Station (AGS) enables fully autonomous delivery operations from a minimal footprint.

Features include:

  • Accurate takeoff and landing
  • Power system management, including automatic battery replacement and hydrogen tank refuelling
  • Automatic package loading and unloading
  • Cellular communications
  • Onboard weather station
  • Can be operated from the deck of a ship or a hospital roof

Spirit-One – Fixed Wing Hybrid Electric Drone

Long-range drone for medical deliveries and powerline inspections

fixed wing hybrid drone

The Spirit-One is a versatile hybrid electric drone that combines the advantages of both multirotor and fixed-wing aircraft. Powered by batteries as well as a zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell, the environmentally-friendly UAV platform enables long-range and BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operations, and incorporates both cellular communications and an Inmarsat SATCOM system.

package delivery droneThe UAV features a robust payload bay with fully automated loading and unloading, housed securely within the body of the aircraft. Capable of carrying up to 5kg, it can transport life-saving sensitive medical supplies in a temperature-controlled environment, or be equipped with a variety of sensors for long-range scanning and inspection work.

Spirit-One HD – Heavy Duty Long-Range Drone

Cargo Delivery and Infrastructure Inspection Drone

Spirit-One HD Long Range Delivery Drone

The Spirit-One HD is a heavy-duty version of our eVTOL Spirit One platform, allowing users to undertake more advanced long-range cargo delivery and inspection operations.

The maximum range of the aircraft has been increased to 400km, and the payload capacity tripled to 15 kg.

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Spirit-X – Extended-Range Heavy-Lift Drone

Long distance delivery drone with high capacity

Spirit-X Long Range Delivery Drone

Currently under development, the Spirit-X is a significantly enhanced version of the Spirit-One, engineered to carry larger payloads over even greater distances.

The Spirit-X is capable of ranges of up to 500 km (310 miles) at 150 km/h (93 mph), carrying up to 150 kgs (330 lbs) of payload in a 1000-liter (35 cubic ft) compartment.

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medical delivery drone

Medical Supply Delivery

Our delivery drones are highly suited for transport of critical medical products such as medicines, vaccines, blood, laboratory test samples, and emergency supplies. We are currently involved in developing drone-based medical logistics services in Israel and the UK.

cargo delivery drone

B2B Cargo Package Delivery

We also provide cargo delivery drones for a wide variety of B2B requirements, and have established the first UAV-based commercial delivery service to be approved by Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority.

infrastructure inspection drone

Aerial Infrastructure Inspections

Gadfin infrastructure inspection drones are ideal for long-range asset management and inspection of electrical power lines, roads and railways, oil and gas pipelines and facilities, and more. We have been selected to provide power line scanning for Enel, the world’s largest electric infrastructure company.

electric drone for military and defense

HLS & Emergency Response

Our long-endurance drone platforms can be deployed for a number of HLS and government operations, including emergency response missions.

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